Usage examples for tried

  1. At the last, she tried to get home- to me. – The Case of Richard Meynell by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  2. All these years I've tried to forget ... – Secret Bread by F. Tennyson Jesse
  3. No man can; no man who has at all tried it can. – Bunyan Characters First Series by Alexander Whyte
  4. I tried to love her.... – An Alabaster Box by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley
  5. I tried to look at it from every side. – Romance by Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer
  6. Has any one ever tried to find it? – The Border Boys Across the Frontier by Fremont B. Deering
  7. You haven't tried me." – Secret Bread by F. Tennyson Jesse
  8. I tried- that is all- I tried. – Darrel of the Blessed Isles by Irving Bacheller
  9. He tried very hard to get out, but could not. – McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader by William Holmes McGuffey
  10. I tried hard to keep it from you. – A Prairie Infanta by Eva Wilder Brodhead
  11. She tried to go on again. – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  12. Had he tried to make Klaartje love him in return? – Dreamers of the Ghetto by I. Zangwill
  13. I tried this way and that way and the other way. – The House of Souls by Arthur Machen
  14. Have you tried at her house? – King--of the Khyber Rifles by Talbot Mundy
  15. He tried to think when he had seen it last. – Six Feet Four by Jackson Gregory
  16. I tried to make out whether I had ever seen him before, but could not. – Cord and Creese by James de Mille
  17. No. I've tried, of course. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  18. Had she tried enough, done enough? – The Shadow of the East by E. M. Hull
  19. I saw you and Bart on the raft, and I tried to make the men see you. – Frank Merriwell's Reward by Burt L. Standish
  20. Don't you think you might look me in the face if you tried very hard? – The Way of an Eagle by Ethel M. Dell