Definitions of opposite

  1. two words that express opposing concepts; " to him the opposite of gay was depressed"
  2. a relation of direct opposition; " we thought Sue was older than Bill but just the reverse was true"
  3. characterized by opposite extremes; completely opposed; " in diametric contradiction to his claims"; " diametrical ( or opposite) points of view"; " opposite meanings"; " extreme and indefensible polar positions"
  4. directly facing each other; " the two photographs lay face- to- face on the table"; " lived all their lives in houses face- to- face across the street"; " they sat opposite at the table"
  5. something inverted in sequence or character or effect; " when the direct approach failed he tried the inverse"
  6. a contestant that you are matched against
  7. moving or facing away from each other; " looking in opposite directions"; " they went in opposite directions"
  8. ( botany) of leaves etc; growing in pairs on either side of a stem; " opposite leaves"
  9. altogether different in nature or quality or significance; " the medicine's effect was opposite to that intended"; " it is said that opposite characters make a union happiest"- Charles Reade
  10. the other one of a complementary pair; " the opposite sex"; " the two chess kings are set up on squares of opposite colors"
  11. of leaves etc; growing in pairs on either side of a stem; " opposite leaves"
  12. being directly across from each other; facing; " And I on the opposite shore will be, ready to ride and spread the alarm"- Longfellow; " we lived on opposite sides of the street"; " at opposite poles"
  13. Applied to the other of two things which are entirely different; other; as, the opposite sex; the opposite extreme.
  14. Extremely different; inconsistent; contrary; repugnant; antagonistic.
  15. Set over against each other, but separated by the whole diameter of the stem, as two leaves at the same node.
  16. Placed directly in front of another part or organ, as a stamen which stands before a petal.
  17. One who opposes; an opponent; an antagonist.
  18. That which is opposed or contrary; as, sweetness and its opposite.
  19. Placed over against; standing or situated over against or in front; facing; - often with to; as, a house opposite to the Exchange.
  20. Placed in front of or over against; as, the houses were opposite to each other; contrary; very different; as, opposite opinions.
  21. That which is contrary or in marked contrast.
  22. Oppositely.
  23. Oppositeness.
  24. Placed over against: standing in front: contrasted with: adverse: contrary.
  25. That which is opposed or contrary: an opponent.
  26. Anything opposed or contrary; opponent.
  27. Facing; adverse; contrary.
  28. Situated in front of or over against; contrary; radically different.
  29. One who or that which is in opposition or contrast.
  30. Standing in front; adverse; contrary; growing in pairs, opposed at the same level.
  31. That which is opposed.
  32. Standing or placed in front; facing; contrary; in bot., applied to leaves placed on opposite sides of a stem at the same level.
  33. The reverse; that which is the contrary.
  34. Leaves which are opposed, or placed opposite one another at the same level on opposite sides of the stem.

Quotes of opposite

  1. Now equilibrium is the very opposite of disorder. – Rudolf Arnheim
  2. Those who know that the consensus of many centuries has sanctioned the conception that the earth remains at rest in the middle of the heavens as its center, would, I reflected, regard it as an insane pronouncement if I made the opposite assertion that the earth moves. – Nicolaus Copernicus
  3. America is so vast that almost everything said about it is likely to be true, and the opposite is probably equally true. – James T. Farrell
  4. It belongs to the imperfection of everything human that man can only attain his desire by passing through its opposite – Soren Kierkegaard
  5. We are not the originators of the story. I think it's actually the opposite when you're an actor. You're telling somebody else's story. – Jessica Lange
  6. And opposite the bench, the dock, divided by a partition, with the women to the left and the men to the right, as it is on the stairs or the block in polite society. – Henry Lawson
  7. In No. 1 of this street the cholera first appeared seventeen years ago, and spread up it with fearful virulence; but this year it appeared at the opposite end, and ran down it with like severity. – Henry Mayhew
  8. The seeded draw came into being. This means that the two best players of the tournament are placed in opposite halves in the draw, and cannot possibly meet until the finals, if they come through successfully against all the rest of the participants. – Helen Wills Moody
  9. The excessive increase of anything causes a reaction in the opposite direction. – Plato
  10. In the beginning, people think vulnerability will make you weak, but it does the opposite It shows you're strong enough to care. – Victoria Pratt
  11. With While You Were Sleeping, it was so much fun and such a Cinderella story, that I didn't want to do another romantic comedy. I wanted to do the opposite – Bill Pullman
  12. The French are endowed with bigger limbs; those of the Spaniards are stronger; they have a very slim waist. The French fight with more ferocity than advise. The Spaniards the opposite – Michael Servetus
  13. I can't fly a flag for monogamy or whatever the opposite is; it depends on the person and on the situation. – Sting
  14. We had not seen any natives for many days, but a few passed the camp on the opposite side of the river on the evening of the 25th. They would not, however, come to us; but fled into the interior in great apparent alarm. – Charles Sturt
  15. I decided law was the exact opposite of sex; even when it was good, it was lousy. – Mortimer Zuckerman

Usage examples for opposite

  1. In the opposite room the old man still sat with his letter before him. – Nine Little Goslings by Susan Coolidge
  2. Then he abruptly sat down at the opposite end of the couch. – Her Weight in Gold by George Barr McCutcheon
  3. In the side of the wall opposite the window, was again a box- bed. – Donal Grant by George MacDonald
  4. Foster sat down opposite – Carmen's Messenger by Harold Bindloss
  5. But they do just the opposite – The Art of Literature by Arthur Schopenhauer
  6. Sally sat down and Mr. Gilfeather sat opposite – Concerning Sally by William John Hopkins
  7. Make the other half in the same way, starting on the opposite side of the single ring and slipping ring into ring as you did before. – Little Folks' Handy Book by Lina Beard Adelia B. Beard
  8. Indeed, it does just the opposite – In Search of a Son by William Shepard Walsh
  9. Well, he wished a great many vain and useless things as he sat there opposite to her, conscious that she had forgotten him. – A Beautiful Alien by Julia Magruder
  10. A little later he came and took his seat opposite Pete. – The Ridin' Kid from Powder River by Henry Herbert Knibbs
  11. But dinner was on the table, and she must take her seat opposite to him. – Lover or Friend by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  12. He found himself at the host's right hand, with Lorimer directly opposite – The Dominant Strain by Anna Chapin Ray
  13. Dorothy Fraser's people lived in the house nearly opposite – A Girl in Ten Thousand by L. T. Meade
  14. Here, opposite the mouth of the Tartessus, they place the island Erythea, i. – The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI) by Max Duncker
  15. Dobbs came in and sat herself down opposite Jane. – Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles by Mrs. Henry Wood
  16. She seemed as if she would walk in the opposite direction. – Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood by George MacDonald
  17. You are sitting opposite and talking- about Mrs. Berline. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton by Maisie Ward
  18. When all have passed through, the two players at the opposite end of the line raise their hands and cry, " Bid, bid, bid!" – Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium by Jessie H. Bancroft
  19. It was opposite the Priory . – The Secret of Sarek by Maurice Leblanc
  20. You sit, I stand at the opposite side of the table. – Life on the Stage by Clara Morris

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