Definitions of inoculate

  1. To propagate by budding; to practise inoculation.
  2. To bud; to insert, or graft, as the bud of a tree or plant in another tree or plant.
  3. To insert a foreign bud into; as, to inoculate a tree.
  4. To communicate a disease to ( a person ) by inserting infectious matter in the skin or flesh; as, to inoculate a person with the virus of smallpox, rabies, etc. See Vaccinate.
  5. Fig.: To introduce into the mind; - used especially of harmful ideas or principles; to imbue; as, to inoculate one with treason or infidelity.
  6. To communicate a disease to, in a mild form, by the insertion of infectious matter or germs into the system, in order to make the person so treated free from future attacks; to inculcate ( harmful ideas).
  7. To insert an eye or bud: to ingraft: to communicate disease by inserting matter in the skin.
  8. To insert a bud in a stock; affect with disease by inserting matter under the skin.
  9. To infect through the skin.
  10. To insert a bud in, as a tree; bud.
  11. To graft by inserting buds.
  12. To communicate disease by inoculation.
  13. To propagate by budding: to practice inoculation.
  14. perfomr vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation; " We vaccinate against scarlet fever"; " The nurse vaccinated the children in the school"
  15. impregnate with the virus or germ of a disease in order to render immune
  16. insert a bud for propagation
  17. introduce a micro- organism into
  18. To insert the bud of a tree in another for the purpose of growth on the new stock; to communicate a disease to a person by introducing infectious matter.
  19. To communicate disease by inserting infectious matter into the punctured skin or flesh; to bud; to propagate by budding.
  20. Inoculation.