Definitions of communicate

  1. To have intercourse; to have a communication or passage from one to another; to participate; to partake of the Communion.
  2. To impart; reveal.
  3. To import; make known.
  4. To share; partake of the Eucharist, or Lord's Supper; to be, or get, in connection; to hold intercourse.
  5. To have something in common with another: to have the means of passing from one to another: to have intercourse: to partake of The Communion.
  6. To have intercourse or access; to partake; to partake of the Lord's Supper.
  7. transfer to another; " communicate a disease"
  8. transmit information ; " Please communicate this message to all employees"
  9. administer communion; in church
  10. be in verbal contact; interchange information or ideas; " He and his sons haven't communicated for years"; " Do you communicate well with your advisor?"
  11. join or connect; " The rooms communicated"
  12. To share in common; to participate in.
  13. To impart; to bestow; to convey; as, to communicate a disease or a sensation; to communicate motion by means of a crank.
  14. To make known; to recount; to give; to impart; as, to communicate information to any one.
  15. To administer the communion to.
  16. To share or participate; to possess or enjoy in common; to have sympathy.
  17. To give alms, sympathy, or aid.
  18. To have intercourse or to be the means of intercourse; as, to communicate with another on business; to be connected; as, a communicating artery.
  19. To partake of the Lord's supper; to commune.
  20. To make or hold a communication.
  21. To partake of the Lord's Supper; commune.
  22. To impart; to bestow; to reveal.
  23. To impart; to give to another; to reveal; to give, as information, & c.; to partake of the Lord's Supper; to have a passage or entrance from one place to another; to have intercourse by words, & c.
  24. Communicator.
  25. Communicable.