Definitions of Iberville, Pierre le Moyne d'

  1. ( 1661-1706), engaged in the Canadian expedition against the English forts on the Hudson, fought at Fort Mousipi and Fort Quitchilchouen, and in 1688 captured two English vessels. In 1690 he was one of the leaders against Schenectady. In 1694 he took Fort Nelson, and, in command of a frigate, captured three English ships, including the " Newport." He destroyed Fort Pemaquid, and reduced nearly all Newfoundland. In command of the " Pelican," in 1697, he destroyed several British ships, and captured Fort Bourbon. In 1698 he ascended the Mississippi and built Fort Biloxi, the first port on the river. In 1701 he transferred the colony to Mobile. In 1706 he captured Nevis Island.