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  1. When I'm ready to make a photograph, I think I quite obviously see in my minds eye something that is not literally there in the true meaning of the word. I'm interested in something which is built up from within, rather than just extracted from without. – Ansel Adams
  2. Canada was built on dead beavers. – Margaret Atwood
  3. One problem was that my direct testimony was in writing, so a lot of people didn't get to see it. I hope they see it, because I think it built a very strong case. – Jim Barksdale
  4. I believe that Canadians have the common sense to see that a better future cannot be built on fragmentation. – Kim Campbell
  5. The business is built on slowing or even stopping the aging process. – William Devane
  6. Nobody has ever built a reliable peer -to -peer service, where people can really access all the music they want in one location,... Once I got it into my head, I couldn't imagine the media space without one. – Shawn Fanning
  7. It is impossible to overlook the extent to which civilization is built upon a renunciation of instinct. – Sigmund Freud
  8. Our region's economy was built upon their entrepreneurial spirit, and our economy still depends on the continued success of the enterprises they have worked so hard to create. – Doc Hastings
  9. There's an air of mystery around the Masons, but the reality is that they're mostly a bunch of veterans getting drunk in a lodge that they've built to look like a temple. It's just a bunch of guys trying to get away from their wives. – Jimmy Kimmel
  10. Because impudence is a vice, it does not follow that modesty is a virtue; it is built upon shame, a passion in our nature, and may be either good or bad according to the actions performed from that motive. – Bernard de Mandeville
  11. I don't think there is enough educational programming, but unfortunately, television is built around advertising and those shows don't get the big ratings. – Will McDonough
  12. I have the background singers of Ray Charles, the background singers of Smokey Robinson, and the background singers of Barry White and I built a choir around that. – Della Reese
  13. As we all know, no crude oil refineries have been built in the United States since 1976. During that time, close to 100 ethanol refineries have been built – John Shimkus
  14. What the nation's built on is discussion, contradiction and growth, and at the moment you can't discuss anything. If you do start to discuss it, you get criticized. If people hate us, you have to find out why and try to solve that problem. – Donald Sutherland
  15. Men simply copied the realities of their hearts when they built prisons. – Richard Wright

Usage examples for built

  1. Because I am not built that way and don't want to do it. – Master Olof A Drama in Five Acts by August Strindberg
  2. Then they built a fire of such light wood as they could find and prepared supper. – Boy Scouts in Mexico; or On Guard with Uncle Sam by G. Harvey Ralphson
  3. I think it was built about three years ago. – Left Tackle Thayer by Ralph Henry Barbour
  4. Look, you with a home you made for yourself and a business you built up out of your own brains, and what am I? – Every Soul Hath Its Song by Fannie Hurst
  5. I built it for my little girl. – At the Time Appointed by A. Maynard Barbour
  6. Reckon we're most of us built that way, eh, Cliff? – Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party by C. E. Jacobs Edyth Ellerbeck Read
  7. The town was built on and under them. – Letters written during a short residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark by Mary Wollstonecraft
  8. Then four other men came and built four big houses, exactly behind the first ones. – We Girls: A Home Story by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  9. Like K., she insisted that no right can be built out of a wrong. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  10. After that they built other houses, and people came to live in them. – Old Greek Stories by James Baldwin
  11. It was built in Mannahatta. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  12. You see, it'll be just as it was when Tom Pratt first built here, except that he only put up one story at first. – A Campfire Girl's Test of Friendship by Jane L. Stewart
  13. They built more and better ships in Holland in those days than in any country in the world." – Rollo in Holland by Jacob Abbott
  14. Even he, LeFroy, did not know it until the kloshe kloochman- the good white woman- came into the North and built a school at the mouth of the Yellow Knife. – The Gun-Brand by James B. Hendryx
  15. This lodge was built on the shore of a lake. – Thirty Indian Legends by Margaret Bemister
  16. I seen a man fall just like that; he was a broad- built man wi' a thick neck, and in a moment of excitement he fell just like that, and died a'most at once. – The Slave Of The Lamp by Henry Seton Merriman
  17. The Lord by whose name ye are called, in whose name this house was built and who will at last judge every one of us. – Paul Faber, Surgeon by George MacDonald
  18. I built no hopes on the pause which followed that. – No Hero by E.W. Hornung
  19. And if I am not so sure that I am built like that? – The Man Who Wins by Robert Herrick
  20. There are seven windows on the ground floor, built very high. – The Intriguers by William Le Queux

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