Definitions of canadian

  1. a river rising in northeastern New Mexico and flowing eastward across the Texas panhandle to become a tributary of the Arkansas River in Oklahoma
  2. A native or inhabitant of Canada.
  3. A native or citizen of Canada.
  4. Pertaining to Canada.
  5. Pertaining to Canada. Canadian balsam, a kind of turpentine obtained from the balsam fir. used in medicine and the arts.
  6. Of or from Canada.

Usage examples for canadian

  1. The Portuguese were the first after the Cabots to continue the search along the Canadian coast for the secret of the hidden East. – The Dawn of Canadian History: A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada by Stephen Leacock
  2. Served in the Canadian Voltigeurs during the War of 1812. Entered the service of the Hudson's Bay Company, and sent to the Qu'Appelle district. – The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History by Various
  3. For the moment the Canadian people have refused to enter into the treaty. – A Short History of English Liberalism by Walter Lyon Blease
  4. This is the first complete record of the achievements of the Canadian divisions to be published. – Feminism and Sex-Extinction by Arabella Kenealy
  5. It is told of a Canadian who came across a squad of Germans with their hands up that he asked: " How many are you?" – The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me by William Allen White
  6. These have since been improved and extended in every direction by the Canadian government. – Among the Canadian Alps by Lawrence J. Burpee
  7. To avoid both the difficulty and the danger, the Indians make use of this very singular sort of foot- wear- called " snow- shoes" by the English, and " raquets" by the Canadian voyageurs. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  8. They seem to have talked freely about Canadian politics. – George Brown by John Lewis
  9. Some day you will learn that New York is not your Canadian hamlet. – The Place Beyond the Winds by Harriet T. Comstock
  10. The Canadian Church sprang from a mission. – The Fighting Governor A Chronicle of Frontenac by Charles W. Colby Edited by George M. Wrong and H. H. Langton
  11. He thinks he is Canadian, but he is not the same since he went over Home. – The Major by Ralph Connor
  12. I have just supplied her with the Canadian Pacific Agent, and so left her in good hands. – Vailima-Letters by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  13. When a Canadian forest is destroyed by fire, the growth next spring is of a totally new kind, and no one has yet told whence came the seed of this new, different growth. – The Promise of Air by Algernon Blackwood
  14. Only now, sitting here in camp with the setting sun glinting through the windows of the hut, just a Canadian private under an assumed name, things are a little different. – Men, Women and Guns by H. C. (Herman Cyril) McNeile
  15. And he explained this view at some length to two young Americans, one of whom had been working fourteen hours a day at the relief of distress in Belgium, while the other, with a sad disregard for truth and the feelings of his parents, had passed himself off as a Canadian in order to fight in the British Army. – The United States and the War by George Gilbert Aimé Murray
  16. I call to witness any Canadian, Englishman or Frenchman, that, if he is wounded, when in the ambulance, he usually voices one request, " Take me to an American hospital." – "And they thought we wouldn't fight" by Floyd Gibbons
  17. Swedish horses are much larger than those of Norway, tall, heavy, with long legs and barrel- shaped bodies, very much like Canadian stock. – Norwegian Life by Ethlyn T. Clough
  18. Served in the British army and in the Canadian militia. – The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History by Various
  19. The Canadian looked surprised. – Lady Merton, Colonist by Mrs. Humphry Ward