Definitions of herd

  1. To associate; to associate as beasts.
  2. To bring together; congregate; flock together.
  3. To form or put into a herd.
  4. To tend, as a herdsman.
  5. To tend, as cattle.
  6. To associate; to ally one's self with, or place one's self among, a group or company.
  7. To act as a herdsman or a shepherd.
  8. To run in herds.
  9. To associate, as cattle.
  10. keep, move, or drive animals; " Who will be herding the cattle when the cowboy dies?"
  11. move together, like a herd
  12. To form into a herd; to tend.
  13. To unite or associate, as beasts; to form into a herd.
  14. a group of cattle or sheep or other domestic mammals all of the same kind that are herded by humans
  15. a group of wild animals of one species that remain together: antelope or elephants or seals or whales or zebra
  16. A number of beasts assembled together; as, a herd of horses, oxen, cattle, camels, elephants, deer, or swine; a particular stock or family of cattle.
  17. A crowd of low people; a rabble.
  18. One who herds or assembles domestic animals; a herdsman; - much used in composition; as, a shepherd; a goatherd, and the like.
  19. A collection of beasts or cattle feeding or driven together; crowd; a keeper of cattle.
  20. A number of beasts feeding together, and watched or tended: any collection of beasts, as distinguished from a flock: a company of people, in contempt: the rabble.
  21. One who tends a herd.
  22. A collection of beasts; rabble.
  23. A number of animals feeding together.
  24. A crowd; rabble.
  25. A collection of beasts feeding or driven together; a company of people, in contempt; a rabble; a keeper of cattle.
  26. A collection or assemblage, as cattle or beasts; the rabble; one employed to attend cattle.
  27. Haired.