Definitions of Haired

  1. Having hair.
  2. In composition: Having ( such) hair; as, red- haired.

Usage examples for Haired

  1. But tell me- how long is that dark- haired girl going to stay with her brother?" – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer
  2. Could the fair- haired man in the grave have been one of these? – The Virgin of the Sun by H. R. Haggard
  3. The chairman was a small, inconspicuous, sandy- haired man whose ability they respected so deeply that they had elected him the chairman to have him where they could watch him. – The Man Who Staked the Stars by Charles Dye
  4. " Perhaps he is getting even for Toady's reform," suggested the red- haired girl, looking worried. – Tabitha's Vacation by Ruth Alberta Brown
  5. There was something new about the silver- haired girl, Belle decided instantly. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith
  6. " The good Lord gives us each one when we come into the world," answered the gray- haired woman earnestly. – Heart of Gold by Ruth Alberta Brown
  7. Primrose Wharton was a pretty young wife and the mother of a golden- haired little girl when she next saw " Lady Washington," as she was often called. – A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  8. As they made their way up the beach, a fair- haired blue- eyed little girl ran out from among the crowd and threw herself, regardless of Adam's dripping garments, into his arms. – Won from the Waves by W.H.G. Kingston
  9. There was one man with us- a red- faced, yellow- haired man- with a curly beard, and little gold rings in his ears. – A Jolly Fellowship by Frank R. Stockton
  10. He had been observing the tall, red- haired boy of quiet, assured manner and few words, who represented so distinguished a family and gave so great promise for a future career. – Lafayette by Martha Foote Crow
  11. That there actually was life within it, he was aware, since he had once seen a white- haired man at a window, who, so a fellow- gardener had informed him on being questioned later, must have been the old butler. – Antony Gray,--Gardener by Leslie Moore
  12. There is indeed something strange about this dark haired man; something out of the ordinary and fascinating.... – Reno A Book of Short Stories and Information by Lilyan Stratton
  13. The white- haired gentleman lowered his voice. – The Man Who Could Not Lose by Richard Harding Davis
  14. And Captain Rannie, who now appeared on the little bridge in company with a yellow- haired man at the wheel, was in a mood in which a much larger bridge would have been a comfort to him. – Command by William McFee
  15. The fair- haired gentleman gave a little upward jerk of the head and smiled quietly for his own satisfaction. – The Slave Of The Lamp by Henry Seton Merriman
  16. But there was no time to notice Toby, nor to think of Toby, for instantly he was followed by Maurice and Cecile and, immediately after them, a dark- eyed boy, and then a great big man, and last, but not least, a fair- haired and beautiful young woman. – The Children's Pilgrimage by L. T. Meade
  17. I'll make you and your red- haired creature pay for this! – A Woman's Burden by Fergus Hume
  18. Because there was a red- haired woman in his flat last night. – The Red Symbol by John Ironside
  19. " I'll be over to see you, sir," promised the white- haired boy. – The Corner House Girls at School by Grace Brooks Hill
  20. She was tall and white- haired – The Red Symbol by John Ironside