Definitions of crowd

  1. To fill to overflowing; pack; throng; push forward; urge.
  2. To press closely together; fill to excess.
  3. To gather into a lump or crowd: to fill by pressing or driving together.
  4. To gather into a throng; fill by pressing in; encumber by numbers.
  5. To press in numbers.
  6. To press together in numbers: to swarm.
  7. To throng together.
  8. to gather together in large numbers; " men in straw boaters and waxed mustaches crowded the verandah"
  9. To press; to drive together; to fill to excess; to urge.
  10. To press together; to fill to excess; to encumber with numbers; to extend to the utmost, as a ship crowds on sails.
  11. a large number of things or people considered together; " a crowd of insects assembled around the flowers"
  12. To push, to press, to shove.
  13. To press or drive together; to mass together.
  14. To fill by pressing or thronging together; hence, to encumber by excess of numbers or quantity.
  15. To press together or collect in numbers; to swarm; to throng.
  16. To urge or press forward; to force one's self; as, a man crowds into a room.
  17. A number of things collected or closely pressed together; also, a number of things adjacent to each other.
  18. A number of persons congregated or collected into a close body without order; a throng.
  19. The lower orders of people; the populace; the vulgar; the rabble; the mob.
  20. An ancient instrument of music with six strings; a kind of violin, being the oldest known stringed instrument played with a bow.
  21. To play on a crowd; to fiddle.
  22. A number of persons or things collected closely together; the common people.
  23. A number of persons or things closely pressed together, without order: the rabble: multitude.
  24. A throng; multitude.
  25. A numerous collection; multitude; throng.
  26. A number of things or persons collected closely and promiscuously together; the lower orders; the rabble.
  27. A confused multitude of persons; a throng; a mob; a number of things together; the populace.