Quotes of expense

  1. Remind people that profit is the difference between revenue and expense This makes you look smart. – Scott Adams
  2. They will come to learn in the end, at their own expense that it is better to endure competition for rich customers than to be invested with monopoly over impoverished customers. – Frederic Bastiat
  3. Learning to dislike children at an early age saves a lot of expense and aggravation later in life. – Robert Byrne
  4. People are never more insecure than when they become obsessed with their fears at the expense of their dreams. – Norman Cousins
  5. It was expected of me that I was to bow to the name of Andrew Jackson... even at the expense of my conscience and judgement. such a thing was new to me, and a total stranger to my principles. – Davy Crockett
  6. A sure way to lose happiness, I found, is to want it at the expense of everything else. – Bette Davis
  7. Well there are those who think you can only succeed at someone else's expense – Boy George
  8. War grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow man. – Napoleon Hill
  9. My father is a real idealist, and he's all about learning. If I asked for a pair of Nikes growing up, it was just a resounding 'No.' But if I asked for a saxophone, one would appear and next day and I'd be signed up for lessons. So anything to do with education or learning, my father would spare no expense – Hugh Jackman
  10. Clients do not expect the infrastructure to be any less reliable just because the service is being delivered from an offshore location; thus, the uptime requirements justify the expense – Sanjay Kumar
  11. Learning has always been made much of, but forgetting has always been deprecated; therefore pedantry has pretty well established itself throughout the modern world at the expense of culture. – Albert J. Nock
  12. The men and women who serve in our military have won for us every hour we live in freedom, sometimes at the expense of the very hours of the lifetimes they had hoped to live. – Bob Riley
  13. America does not need gorgeous halls and concert rooms for its musical development, but music schools with competent teachers, and many, very many, free scholarships for talented young disciples who are unable to pay the expense of study. – Anton Seidl
  14. At an expense trifling indeed, compared to what she frequently spends upon unprofitable contests, she might place the moral world on a new foundation, and to rise the pinnacle of moral glory. – John Strachan
  15. You can't substitute promise after promise with known violators of prior promises at the expense of protecting ourselves or setting an example. – Fred Thompson

Usage examples for expense

  1. He only understood that she wanted, and it was his pleasure and purpose to supply that want at his own expense – The Heart of Unaga by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. " You will spare no expense she directed, " and don't let me see him again until he looks like some one. – Ruggles of Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson
  3. It was always the same, which not only saved expense but also the trouble of thinking. – Story of My Life, volumes 1-3 by Augustus J. C. Hare
  4. This produced a laugh at " Bean's" expense – Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore by Pauline Lester
  5. At the expense of the country, to be sure. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  6. Had it up in the city, on expense – Miss Lulu Bett by Zona Gale
  7. Come 'Squire- if I stay over Sunday with you, you must at least take supper at my expense – The Story Of Kennett by Bayard Taylor
  8. Helen had to have a new evening gown and an afternoon dress; she ought really to have a new set of furs, but that was out of the question, because of the terrible expense of the dance. – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford
  9. " Well, that will only be a first expense – Newton Forster by Frederick Marryat
  10. In their case, moreover, the pittance had to meet every expense – The Mystery of The Barranca by Herman Whitaker
  11. At her expense in 1886 a party of twenty- four families was sent to the Wolseley settlement, an estate acquired by purchase, about seventeen miles from King William's Town, where full preparations for their reception had been made by a committee. – The Portland Peerage Romance by Charles J. Archard
  12. Just think of the trouble and expense – The Revolution in Tanner's Lane by Mark Rutherford
  13. No one had wished her to come, and the expense of her coming had been paid for her over and over again. – The Claverings by Anthony Trollope
  14. On the contrary, with half the expense it will be much easier to have you out to join him, and you will live in peace and plenty. – Stories and Pictures by Isaac Loeb Peretz
  15. Will it not be a great expense to feed so many people? – Rainbow's End by Rex Beach
  16. " And we had gone to no end of trouble, Miss Walker, and a good deal of expense Margaret finished. – Molly Brown's Senior Days by Nell Speed
  17. But I assure your Excellency that everything has been done-" " You think it absolutely impossible to save him now- if no expense is spared? – The Genius by Margaret Horton Potter
  18. After all the expense of his illness, he was very poor in these days, and had come with difficulty in a 'bus. – The Nest, The White Pagoda, The Suicide, A Forsaken Temple, Miss Jones and The Masterpiece by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  19. It is merely a question of time and meeting the necessary expense – The-Grand-Canyon-of-Arizona-how-to-see-it by James, George Wharton
  20. Mr. Collingwood turned out the loose change in his pocket and told me not to spare expense – Foe-Farrell by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

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