Usage examples for uranium

  1. A single ounce of uranium contains about the same amount of energy that could be produced by the combustion of ten tons of coal- but it won't let the energy go. – The Man Who Rocked the Earth by Arthur Train Robert Williams Wood
  2. We know that the radioactive elements are constantly breaking down, and one often hears uranium for instance, called the 'parent' of radium. – Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3 by Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds
  3. The maximum amount which can be present in a state of equilibrium is about one part of radium in 3, 000, 000 parts of uranium – The Economic Aspect of Geology by C. K. Leith
  4. It is in this spirit that in this fiscal year we are cutting back our production of enriched uranium by 25 percent. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  5. Uranium has been used as a steel alloy, but has not as yet gained wide favor. – The Economic Aspect of Geology by C. K. Leith
  6. If the free countries of Asia and Africa should fall to Soviet Russia, we would lose the sources of many of our most vital raw materials, including uranium which is the basis of our atomic power. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  7. On Terra, Conn had told his friends that his father was a prospector and let them interpret that as meaning an explorer for, say, uranium deposits. – Graveyard of Dreams by Henry Beam Piper
  8. And it is not just petroleum, for the same rule holds true for iron, copper, aluminum, and uranium and it is no different for the so- called new materials. – Down-with-the-Cities by Nakashima, Tadashi
  9. These considerations lead us to a closer examination of the joins where the dissimilar glasses are introduced, and we find that in no case is the internal seal made between dissimilar glasses, but that a soda- glass extension is joined on to both the uranium glass tube and the lead- glass tubes at a point about half an inch before the internal seal commences. – A Handbook of Laboratory Glass-Blowing by Bernard D. Bolas
  10. Uranium appears as uranium hexafluoride, all ready for the diffusion process. – Uller Uprising by Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr
  11. The uranium was driving their radiation- counters wild. – The Planet Strappers by Raymond Zinke Gallun
  12. He placed uranium on a photographic plate which had first been wrapped in black paper in order to screen it from the light. – Marvels of Modern Science by Paul Severing
  13. But then gold doesn't look like much, or uranium or a handful of little dry seeds." – The Legion of Lazarus by Edmond Hamilton
  14. They lay gold or jewels or pots of uranium at my feet. – Master of the Moondog by Stanley Mullen
  15. Radium is itself probably a product of the disintegration of uranium the heaviest of known metals, with an atomic weight some 240 times greater than that of hydrogen. – The Story of Evolution by Joseph McCabe
  16. Since lead is more permanent than uranium it must steadily accumulate, no radio- active equilibrium will be reached, and the amount of lead will depend on the age of the mineral as well as on the quantity of uranium present in it. – Darwin and Modern Science by A.C. Seward and Others
  17. The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  18. Uranium 1 - 0. 0137 mm. – The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays by J. (John) Joly
  19. The investigations of that great philosopher are so valuable, so full of instructions that we are led to reprint them, together with those of Mr. C. J. Burnett, on the salts of uranium etc. – Photographic Reproduction Processes by P.C. Duchochois
  20. Uranium 2 - 0. 0118 mm. – The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays by J. (John) Joly