Definitions of compare

  1. To hold comparison; to be like or equal.
  2. To measure, as one thing by another; to examine in order to discover likeness and unlikeness; in grammar, to name over in order, as, much, more, most, the degrees in the inflection of adjectives and adverbs.
  3. To set things together, to ascertain how far they agree or disagree: to liken or represent as similar: ( gram.) to inflect an adjective.
  4. To examine with reference to likeness or unlikeness; to liken.
  5. To examine as to similarity or dissimilarity.
  6. To liken.
  7. To be like or equal; to be worthy of, or suitable for, comparison.
  8. To hold comparison.
  9. To be like or equal.
  10. examine and note the similarities or differences of; " John compared his haircut to his friend's"; " We compared notes after we had both seen the movie"
  11. to form the comparative or superlative form on an adjective or adverb
  12. To examine the character or qualities of, as of two or more persons or things, for the purpose of discovering their resemblances or differences; to bring into comparison; to regard with discriminating attention.
  13. To inflect according to the degrees of comparison; to state positive, comparative, and superlative forms of; as, most adjectives of one syllable are compared by affixing "- er" and "- est" to the positive form; as, black, blacker, blackest; those of more than one syllable are usually compared by prefixing " more" and " most", or " less" and " least", to the positive; as, beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful.
  14. To be like or equal; to admit, or be worthy of, comparison; as, his later work does not compare with his earlier.
  15. To vie; to assume a likeness or equality.
  16. Illustration by comparison; simile.
  17. To get; to procure; to obtain; to acquire
  18. To set or bring things together in order to ascertain wherein they agree and wherein they differ- the objects to be compared may be thought of or be actually present; to liken; to refer to as similar for the purpose of illustration; to inflect an adjective.
  19. Comparison.