Definitions of discovery

  1. the act of discovering something
  2. something that is discovered
  3. The action of discovering; exposure to view; laying open; showing; as, the discovery of a plot.
  4. A making known; revelation; disclosure; as, a bankrupt is bound to make a full discovery of his assets.
  5. Finding out or ascertaining something previously unknown or unrecognized; as, Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the blood.
  6. A formal investigation -- governed by court rules -- that is conducted before trial. Discovery allows one party to question other parties, and sometimes witnesses. It also allows one party to force the others to produce requested documents or other physical evidence. The most common types of discovery are interrogatories, consisting of written questions the other party must answer under penalty of perjury, and depositions, which involve an in- person session at which one party to a lawsuit has the opportunity to ask oral questions of the other party or her witnesses under oath while a written transcript is made by a court reporter. Other types of pretrial discovery consist of written requests to produce documents and requests for admissions, by which one party asks the other to admit or deny key facts in the case. One major purpose of discovery is to assess the strength or weakness of an opponent's case, with the idea of opening settlement talks. Another is to gather information to use at trial. Discovery is also present in criminal cases, in which by law the prosecutor must turn over to the defense any witness statements and any evidence that might tend to exonerate the defendant. Depending on the rules of the court, the defendant may also be obliged to share evidence with the prosecutor.
  7. A bringing to light, especially for the first time.
  8. Act of finding out: the thing discovered: revelation.
  9. Act of finding out; something discovered.
  10. The act of discovering; disclosure; something discovered.
  11. The action of discovering; disclosure; that which is discovered, found out, or revealed; the unravelling or manner of unfolding the plot or fable of a comedy or tragedy.
  12. A bringing to light or making known; the thing made known; the act of finding out; the thing found out or revealed.