Definitions of named

  1. given or having a specified name; " they called his name Jesus"; " forces... which Empedocles called ` love' and ` hate'"; " an actor named Harold Lloyd"; " a building in Cardiff named the Temple of Peace"
  2. bearing the author's name; " a named source"
  3. of Name

Quotes of named

  1. I think my parents where high when they named me. – Jolene Blalock
  2. Yes, I've just bought a new horse, named Jedi. – Bruce Boxleitner
  3. I went to Brooklyn College and met this beautiful Jewish girl named Merle, with dark hair, exotic looking and brilliant. So we got married and had three children. – Dominic Chianese
  4. I'm an actor and I've created a lasting and memorable character named Frasier, who is not me, but who most people think is. So when I have a chance to play something that's different, I embrace it because it's fun; also in this case, he's a memorable character. – Kelsey Grammer
  5. I had to overcome the name Rock. If I'd been as hip then as I am now, I would have never consented to be named Rock. – Rock Hudson
  6. My name was originally John Collins, but I just didn't think it had the flair I needed. I found out the poet laureate of Poland was named Krasinski and so it seemed like a shoe -in for show business. – John Krasinski
  7. When I was a kid, I was surrounded by girls: older sisters, older girl cousins just down the street... except for an older boy named Vito who threw rocks. Each year I would wish for a baby brother. It never happened. – Wally Lamb
  8. Being named a great school at a great price means that we offer both high -quality academic programs and real affordability for families. We offer a personal touch that's hard to match at a big school but without a big price tag. – David McFadden
  9. And since all things have been named light and night and things corresponding to their powers for each, everything is full alike of light and invisible night, both equal since nothing has a share in neither. – Parmedides
  10. The guy that made me wanna make movies... and this is off the wall -is a guy named Michael Pal, the British director. – George A. Romero
  11. God created the first man, whom he called Adam. Then God created a woman, whom ho named Eve; and this man and woman were given the power from Jehovah God to reproduce their kind, that is to say, to cause conception and birth of children. – Joseph Franklin Rutherford
  12. For a director and a producer to be named on the writing credits is practically unheard of. – Terry Southern
  13. And I had to take care of a little dog too named Suzy. It was the promoter's wife's- Judy Lynn's- it was her dog. And one of my duties going on the tour was to take care of it. – Mel Tillis
  14. I did a couple songs with this hip -hop guy named Tim Dark. He was working in the same studio I've been working in, he heard my music and he said, aw man, I've got to do something with you. – Alan Vega

Usage examples for named

  1. Did you really mean you named it after me- honest? – Tom Slade Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  2. " Why don't you go-" here or there, or to the other place which the deacon named – Eunice by Margaret Murray Robertson
  3. " And you knew a girl named Clotelle," continued the old man. – Clotelle The Colored Heroine by William Wells Brown
  4. His name was Koona, which is the Indian word for " snow"; and he was well named – By Canoe and Dog-Train by Egerton Ryerson Young
  5. Then you heard nothing of a waiter from this hotel, a waiter named Sobieski? – A Son of the Immortals by Louis Tracy
  6. We will consider them in the order here named – The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.) by John Holland Rose
  7. I wish they would have let him been named instead of me, but they would not, and when the list was finished, he was not on it. – La Vendée An Historical Romance by Anthony Trollope
  8. Delane named a little village on the farther edge of the common. – Harvest by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  9. I have not named her. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  10. If none are caught, three more are named – My Book of Indoor Games by Clarence Squareman
  11. The next day we arrived at a little village named Muskau. – The Biography of a Rabbit by Roy Benson, Jr.
  12. Jethro named the sum instantly, also in a whisper. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  13. Let her never be named to me again. – Bad Hugh by Mary Jane Holmes
  14. He is well named – Betty Zane by Zane Grey
  15. There was a reason for it- there always is a reason for these things- and Mrs. Bostock named it when she named young Billy Hawtrey. – Mr. Waddington of Wyck by May Sinclair
  16. There was a man named Kestner; another named Weishelm. – The Dark Star by Robert W. Chambers
  17. How should she find that which none has ever named or known? – Gone to Earth by Mary Webb
  18. With her eyes she urged him on, and he continued gravely: In France I met a man, an American sergeant named Hammond. – The Mardi Gras Mystery by H. Bedford-Jones
  19. I have named them the Southesk Tablelands, after my father. – Spinifex and Sand Five Years' Pioneering and Exploration in Western Australia by David W Carnegie
  20. He said to him, " Dear son, I wished to see thee once again before my end, promise me to marry as I wish," and he named a certain King's daughter who was to be his wife. – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers