Definitions of stereotype

  1. To make or cast such plates of; fix into a permanent form.
  2. To cast, as a stereotype plate: to prepare for printing by means of stereotype plates; as, to stereotype the New Testament, certain societies have stereotyped the Bible: to fix or establish firmly or unchangeably. " He throws the whole of his heart into eloquent descriptions of places that have stereotyped themselves in his memory in their most minute details."- Edin. Rev.
  3. To print with stereotypes; make stereotypes of.
  4. To make a stereotype of.
  5. To furnish stereotype plates for.
  6. To cast in stereotype; to print with stereotype; to fix unchangeably.
  7. To print from metal plates cast from the original movable types; to cast fixed metal plates from the forms of movable types.
  8. a conventional or formulaic conception or image; " regional stereotypes have been part of America since its founding"
  9. A plate forming an exact faximile of a page of type or of an engraving, used in printing books, etc.; specifically, a plate with type- metal face, used for printing.
  10. The art or process of making such plates, or of executing work by means of them.
  11. To prepare for printing in stereotype; to make the stereotype plates of; as, to stereotype the Bible.
  12. Fig.: To make firm or permanent; to fix.
  13. A plate made by casting type metal into a mold taken in plaster, etc., from a printing surface.
  14. A solid metallic plate for printing, cast from an impression of movable types, taken on some plastic substance: art of making or printing with such plates.
  15. Pertaining to, or printed with, stereotypes.
  16. Solid plate for printing, cast from an impression of type.
  17. A cast or plate taken in metal from a matrix, as of paper, reproducing the surface, as of a page of type, from which the matrix was made.
  18. A solid metallic plate cast from a mould taken from a page of movable types.
  19. Pertaining to or done with stereotypes.
  20. Pertaining to or done with stereotype.
  21. Done from fixed types.