Quotes of city

  1. When I thought about the calibre of people in the room I realized we might just have a credible candidate for Mayor who will would finally enforce the laws of the city It was almost too good to be true. – Herbert Baker
  2. The grandmother, the mother, the worker, the student, the intellectual, the professional, the unemployed, everybody identified with the songs because they were descriptions of life in the city – Ruben Blades
  3. I stayed three weeks in Paris, fell in love with the city and decided that I was born to live in Paris. – Ed Bradley
  4. I used to go to school in Manhattan with a bunch of the City Kids. – Melissa Joan Hart
  5. I left Montana in Spring of 1866, for Utah, arriving at Salt Lake city during the summer. – Calamity Jane
  6. I also meet with city officials, representatives from governors' offices, really anyone in that sort of position who has shown an interest in youth fitness, to let them know why this sort of program is so important. I give the same message when I speak at conferences. – Rafer Johnson
  7. A little acting debut in Spin City with Michael J. Fox, which opened up a whole new door for me. – Heidi Klum
  8. The two elements the traveler first captures in the big city are extra human architecture and furious rhythm. Geometry and anguish. – Federico Garcia Lorca
  9. We can talk about Manchester! I like coming here, it's a wicked city It's my second favourite city in England after London. I like Liverpool too but there's a lot more to do in Manchester. – Dave Mason
  10. My fellow citizens, the state of our city is strong. – Thomas Menino
  11. I went to Second City where you learned to make the other actor look good so you looked good and National Lampoon, where you had to create everything out of nothing, and SNL, where you couldn't make any mistakes, and you learned what collaboration was. – Bill Murray
  12. Years ago I wanted to buy an apartment in New York City I was a single female- I had gone through my divorce- I had three children, I was in show business and black. It was, like, impossible. – Diana Ross
  13. I told him there was one city that they must not bomb without my permission and that was Kyoto. – Henry L. Stimson
  14. Sooner or later they are going to live in a New York City where gay marriage is not only legal, but it's common and they don't even notice. – Anthony D. Weiner
  15. At heart, this job is about continuing to make great theatre for the people of Sheffield- a city I've known and loved since childhood. – Samuel West

Usage examples for city

  1. Is your father in the city too? – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. " He is of this city – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  3. In the city one can look on while one's neighbor dies or goes bankrupt. – A Northern Countryside by Rosalind Richards
  4. Don't I wish you didn't have to go back to the city by two o'clock, little lady! – Every Soul Hath Its Song by Fannie Hurst
  5. When the emperor heard him say that, he was very happy, and he took his leave and returned to the city – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  6. Once in the city you wouldn't have much chance to pick him up. – The Clock Strikes Thirteen by Mildred A. Wirt
  7. On landing in New York, Markworth found it very similar to any other city of the old world in which he had been. – Caught in a Trap by John C. Hutcheson
  8. A place even as much like a city as that is, kind o' interests a young girl. – Dixie Hart by Will N. Harben
  9. City people would laugh to think of it! – Maria Chapdelaine A Tale of the Lake St. John Country by Louis Hemon
  10. It is to me the pleasantest part of the city – That Fortune by Charles Dudley Warner Last Updated: February 22, 2009
  11. I wish you would move to the city – Herbert Carter's Legacy by Horatio Alger
  12. Now that you mention it, that's exactly what the city was like. – The Secret of the Ninth Planet by Donald Allen Wollheim
  13. " A few days back I met him gettin' off a train at Roarin' City – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  14. I will drive you all round the city – A Maker of History by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  15. And how is it in our own city and under our own eyes? – Words of Cheer for the Tempted, the Toiling, and the Sorrowing by T. S. Arthur
  16. Yes, he lived there; but he was born in the city of David. – Trading by Susan Warner
  17. Why, he only returned to the city this morning. – Hypatia or, New Foes with an Old Face by Charles Kingsley
  18. I hate a city – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day
  19. Elsa, said Wilhelm, when they were alone in their room, there is something wrong in this city – The Strong Arm by Robert Barr
  20. There was another car going toward the city – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart

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