Definitions of table

  1. food or meals in general; " she sets a fine table"; " room and board"
  2. hold back to a later time; " let's postpone the exam"
  3. flat tableland with steep edges; " the tribe was relatively safe on the mesa but they had to descend into the valley for water"
  4. a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top supported by one or more vertical legs; " it was a sturdy table"
  5. a piece of furniture with tableware for a meal laid out on it; " I reserved a table at my favorite restaurant"
  6. a set of data arranged in rows and columns; " see table 1"
  7. a company of people assembled at a table for a meal or game; " he entertained the whole table with his witty remarks"
  8. a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; " it was a sturdy table"
  9. A memorandum book.
  10. A smooth, flat surface, like the side of a board; a thin, flat, smooth piece of anything; a slab.
  11. A thin, flat piece of wood, stone, metal, or other material, on which anything is cut, traced, written, or painted; a tablet
  12. Any smooth, flat surface upon which an inscription, a drawing, or the like, may be produced.
  13. Hence, in a great variety of applications: A condensed statement which may be comprehended by the eye in a single view; a methodical or systematic synopsis; the presentation of many items or particulars in one group; a scheme; a schedule.
  14. A view of the contents of a work; a statement of the principal topics discussed; an index; a syllabus; a synopsis; as, a table of contents.
  15. A list of substances and their properties; especially, a list of the elementary substances with their atomic weights, densities, symbols, etc.
  16. Any collection and arrangement in a condensed form of many particulars or values, for ready reference, as of weights, measures, currency, specific gravities, etc.; also, a series of numbers following some law, and expressing particular values corresponding to certain other numbers on which they depend, and by means of which they are taken out for use in computations; as, tables of logarithms, sines, tangents, squares, cubes, etc.; annuity tables; interest tables; astronomical tables, etc.
  17. An article of furniture, consisting of a flat slab, board, or the like, having a smooth surface, fixed horizontally on legs, and used for a great variety of purposes, as in eating, writing, or working.
  18. Hence, food placed on a table to be partaken of; fare; entertainment; as, to set a good table.
  19. The company assembled round a table.
  20. One of the two, external and internal, layers of compact bone, separated by diploe, in the walls of the cranium.
  21. A stringcourse which includes an offset; esp., a band of stone, or the like, set where an offset is required, so as to make it decorative. See Water table.
  22. The board on the opposite sides of which backgammon and draughts are played.
  23. One of the divisions of a backgammon board; as, to play into the right- hand table.
  24. The games of backgammon and of draughts.
  25. A circular plate of crown glass.
  26. The upper flat surface of a diamond or other precious stone, the sides of which are cut in angles.
  27. The part of a machine tool on which the work rests and is fastened.
  28. To form into a table or catalogue; to tabulate; as, to table fines.
  29. To supply with food; to feed.
  30. To insert, as one piece of timber into another, by alternate scores or projections from the middle, to prevent slipping; to scarf.
  31. To lay or place on a table, as money.
  32. In parliamentary usage, to lay on the table; to postpone, by a formal vote, the consideration of ( a bill, motion, or the like) till called for, or indefinitely.
  33. To enter upon the docket; as, to table charges against some one.
  34. To make board hems in the skirts and bottoms of ( sails) in order to strengthen them in the part attached to the boltrope.
  35. To live at the table of another; to board; to eat.
  36. A plane surface, supposed to be transparent and perpendicular to the horizon; - called also perspective plane.
  37. A piece of furniture consisting of a flat, smooth top supported by legs; a flat surface suitable for an inscription; persons sitting around a table; fare; supply of food; entertainment; index or summary; an arrangement of words, facts, figures, etc., in order for reference; a table of statistics.
  38. To index; to lay aside, as a report, for future consideration; to lay on a table, as a card or money.
  39. A smooth, flat slab or board, with legs, used as an article of furniture: supply of food, entertainment: the company at a table: the board for backgammon or draughts: a surface on which something is written or engraved: that which is cut or written on a flat surface: an inscription: a condensed statement: syllabus or index: ( B.) a writing tablet.
  40. To make into a table or catalogue: to lay on the table, i. e. to postpone consideration of.
  41. An article of furniture, consisting of a flat top on legs; entertainment; food; flat board or slab with an inscription; a synopsis or statement in figures.
  42. To make into a table; lay on the table ( i. e. postpone action on).
  43. To place on a table; lay on the table.
  44. An article of furniture with a flat horizontal top; also, entertainment; fare.
  45. A collection of numbers, signs, or items in condensed form.
  46. A slab; thin plate.
  47. A flat surface of some extent; an article of furniture, consisting of a flat surface raised on legs, for holding dishes of meat, writing on, & c.; the persons sitting at a table or partaking of entertainment; fare or entertainment of provisions; a tablet; the sacrament or holy communion of the Lord's Supper; the altar of burnt- offering; a smooth, simple member or ornament, usually rectangular; a division of the skull; an index, or collection of heads or principal matters contained in a book, with references to the pages where each may be found; a synopsis; small pieces of wood shifted on squares; a system of numbers calculated to be ready for expediting operations; a division of the ten commandments; a list or catalogue. Astronomical tables, computations of the motions, places, and other phenomena of the planets. Round table, the knighthood instituted by King Arthur. Twelve tables, the laws of the Romans. To stay on the table, to accept, as a report, for after consideration, if need be. To turn the tables, to change the condition or fortune of contending parties. To serve tables, to distribute aims to the poor.
  48. To form into a table or catalogue; to board; to lay on the table; to be willing to lay out; to let one piece of timber into another by alternate scores or projections from the middle.
  49. To board; to diet or live at the table of another.
  50. A well known piece of domestic furniture, consisting of a flat surface supported on one or more legs; a flat surface in general; persons sitting at table; the fare or entertainment itself; a circular sheet of finished glass; a collection of particulars, numbers, results, & c., arranged in order and brought into one view; in arch., any smooth ornament, usually that of a long square; the ten commandments, consisting of two tables.
  51. Pert. to a table.
  52. To lay or place upon a table; to enter upon the record; to board, & c.

Usage examples for table

  1. Where is the table? – The Eleven Comedies by Aristophanes et al
  2. All the eyes round the table were fixed on Mr Proctor in an instant. – The Crofton Boys by Harriet Martineau
  3. Didn't you hear him say to me at table, 'Rascal! – The Lesser Bourgeoisie by Honore de Balzac
  4. Everything on the table at once, and very little of that. – A Houseful of Girls by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  5. Right here on the table. – Legacy by James H Schmitz
  6. Soon they rose from the table. – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  7. " Put your light down on that table," she said. – Fantômas by Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain
  8. When the table was set it looked very pretty. – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  9. He was late at the breakfast- table next morning. – A Woman Named Smith by Marie Conway Oemler
  10. And he took the time- table from Dick Hazlewood's hand. – Witness For The Defence by A.E.W. Mason
  11. First rate- best thing on table. – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  12. They sat down to table together. – The Triumph of Hilary Blachland by Bertram Mitford
  13. Here is the little table again! – Dramatic Reader for Lower Grades by Florence Holbrook
  14. It must be on my table. – Rossmoyne by Unknown
  15. The Three R's sent the table." – The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted by Katharine Ellis Barrett
  16. It was passed slowly down the table. – The Loom of Youth by Alec Waugh
  17. " We've seen the new girl, Father," said Marjorie, as they sat at the table. – Marjorie's New Friend by Carolyn Wells
  18. He told it at the breakfast table. – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter
  19. Aaron sat down at the table. – A People's Man by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  20. They all came, and sat down to table. – Two Years in the French West Indies by Lafcadio Hearn