Definitions of reproach

  1. To come back to, or come home to, as a matter of blame; to bring shame or disgrace upon; to disgrace.
  2. To attribute blame to; to allege something disgraceful against; to charge with a fault; to censure severely or contemptuously; to upbraid.
  3. To charge with something wrong or disgraceful; rebuke or blame.
  4. To cast in one's teeth: to censure severely: to upbraid: to revile: to treat with contempt.
  5. To censure; upbraid; revile.
  6. To censure severely; blame; upbraid.
  7. utter a reproach to; " The president reproached the general for his irresponsible behavior"
  8. The act of reproaching; censure mingled with contempt; contumelious or opprobrious language toward any person; abusive reflections; as, severe reproach.
  9. A cause of blame or censure; shame; disgrace.
  10. To censure in terms of opprobrium; to charge severely with a fault; to upbraid.
  11. To pass censure upon in contemptuous terms; to upbraid; to charge with a fault in severe language.
  12. disgrace or shame; " he brought reproach upon his family"
  13. Rebuke or blame with sorrow or anger; the cause or object of blame or scorn; condition of shame or disgrace.
  14. Reproacher.
  15. The act of reproaching: reproof: censure: blame in opprobrious language: disgrace: an object of scorn.
  16. Censure; blame; disgrace.
  17. The act of reoroaching; censure; blame; disgrace.
  18. Censure mingled with contempt; shame or disgrace; object of scorn or contempt.
  19. Censure mingled with contemptuous language; severe reproof; shameful condition or treatment; infamy; object of contempt or scorn; that which is the cause of shame.
  20. Reproachly.
  21. Reproachable.