Definitions of rough

  1. not quite exact or correct; " the approximate time was 10 o'clock"; " a rough guess"; " a ballpark estimate"
  2. violently agitated and turbulent; " boisterous winds and waves"; " the fierce thunders roar me their music"- Ezra Pound; " rough weather"; " rough seas"
  3. not carefully or expertly made; " managed to make a crude splint"; " a crude cabin of logs with bark still on them"; " rough carpentry"
  4. draw up an outline or sketch for something; " draft a speech"
  5. unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound; " a gravelly voice"
  6. unpleasantly stern; " wild and harsh country full of hot sand and cactus"; " the nomad life is rough and hazardous"
  7. ready and able to resort to force or violence; " pugnacious spirits... lamented that there was so little prospect of an exhilarating disturbance"- Herman Melville; " they were rough and determined fighting men"
  8. full of hardship or trials; " the rocky road to success"; " they were having a rough time"
  9. the part of a golf course bordering the fairway where the grass is not cut short
  10. with rough motion as over a rough surface; " ride rough"
  11. with roughness or violence; " he was pushed roughly aside"; (` rough' is informal as in" they treated him rough")
  12. not shaped by cutting or trimming; " an uncut diamond"; " rough gemstones"
  13. not perfected; " a rough draft"; " a few rough sketches"
  14. prepare in preliminary or sketchy form
  15. having or caused by an irregular surface; " trees with rough bark"; " rough ground"; " a rough ride"; " rough skin"; " rough blankets"; " his unsmooth face"; " unsmooth writing"
  16. ( of persons or behavior) lacking refinement or finesse; " she was a diamond in the rough"; " rough manners"
  17. of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
  18. with roughness or violence (` rough' is an informal variant for ` roughly'); " he was pushed roughly aside"; " they treated him rough"
  19. Having inequalities, small ridges, or points, on the surface; not smooth or plain; as, a rough board; a rough stone; rough cloth.
  20. Hence, figuratively, lacking refinement, gentleness, or polish.
  21. Not courteous or kind; harsh; rude; uncivil; as, a rough temper.
  22. Marked by severity or violence; harsh; hard; as, rough measures or actions.
  23. Austere; harsh to the taste; as, rough wine.
  24. Hastily or carelessly done; wanting finish; incomplete; as, a rough estimate; a rough draught.
  25. Produced offhand.
  26. Boisterous weather.
  27. A rude fellow; a coarse bully; a rowdy.
  28. In a rough manner; rudely; roughly.
  29. To render rough; to roughen.
  30. To break in, as a horse, especially for military purposes.
  31. Not level; having a broken surface; uneven; - said of a piece of land, or of a road.
  32. Not polished; uncut; - said of a gem; as, a rough diamond.
  33. Tossed in waves; boisterous; high; - said of a sea or other piece of water.
  34. Marked by coarseness; shaggy; ragged; disordered; - said of dress, appearance, or the like; as, a rough coat.
  35. Loud and hoarse; offensive to the ear; harsh; grating; - said of sound, voice, and the like; as, a rough tone; rough numbers.
  36. To cut or make in a hasty, rough manner; - with out; as, to rough out a carving, a sketch.
  37. Having an uneven surface; rugged; not smooth or plain; as, a rough road; rough cloth; unpolished; as, a rough diamond; harsh to the ear; as, a rough sound; uncivil; harsh; as, rough treatment; violent; as, rough sports; stormy; as, rough weather; rocky; said of roads; crude; unfinished; as, a rough sketch.
  38. A low, coarse fellow; a crude or unfinished condition; as, diamonds in the rough.
  39. To produce an uneven surface on; destroy the smoothness of; to shape or make imperfectly.
  40. Roughly.
  41. Roughness.
  42. Not smooth: uneven: uncut: unpolished: unfinished: boisterous: tempestuous: violent: harsh: severe: rude: coarse: disordered in appearance.
  43. To make rough: to break in a horse.
  44. Not smooth; shaggy; uncut; unfinished; violent; harsh; coarse; rude; severe.
  45. To roughen.
  46. To make or shape roughly.
  47. Uneven; not smooth; rude; violent; harsh; crude; hasty.
  48. A crude or rough condition or estimate.
  49. A rude, violent fellow; a ruffian.
  50. Not smooth or plane; abounding with stones or stumps; not polished; stormy; harsh to the taste or the ear; grating; unharmonious; rugged of temper; coarse in manners; violent; hard- featured; rugged; shaggy.
  51. Unwrought state; the gross; a rowdy. To rough it, to submit to hardships.
  52. To roughen; to break in; to do roughly.
  53. Not smooth or plain; rugged; not wrought or polished; violently agitated, as the sea; harsh to the taste or ear; grating; rugged of temper; coarse in manners; crude; imperfect; hard- featured; hairy or shaggy.
  54. To put up with things in a rough way, followed by it.
  55. State of being coarse or unfinished, as articles in the rough.

Usage examples for rough

  1. You will have to rough it too, here. – Burr Junior by G. Manville Fenn
  2. It is a little rough on me, but that can't be helped. – By Right of Purchase by Harold Bindloss
  3. Between the pair, Joe's likely to have a rough time. – In Luck at Last by Walter Besant
  4. How can I help talking about it when it's my mother your father's so rough with. – Judith of the Godless Valley by Honoré Willsie
  5. I was afraid they did not know how to take care of you, and that your brother- in- law was rough with you. – The Carbonels by Charlotte M. Yonge
  6. My eyes closed with a picture of those rough, dark men sitting before the fire. – The Young Forester by Zane Grey
  7. " I think the boys are very rough," said the little boy. – Hector's Inheritance or The Boys of Smith Institute by Horatio Alger
  8. Not but what I am ready to rough it a little, rather than that the old lady should be moved. – When Ghost Meets Ghost by William Frend De Morgan
  9. I should not care if it were rough! – Entire PG Edition of The Works of William Dean Howells by William Dean Howells
  10. It was true that he had never met his match in rough fighting, and he did not expect to meet it now. – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony
  11. It is a lady, General, and I did not want her to fall in rough hands. – A Little Union Scout by Joel Chandler Harris
  12. I wonder if the rough boy will break me? – The Story of a Bold Tin Soldier by Laura Lee Hope
  13. They're fighting, rough an' tumble! – Hopalong Cassidy by Clarence E. Mulford
  14. He does it more or less rough, too. – Torchy and Vee by Sewell Ford
  15. Now my hair will get rough. – An Unknown Lover by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  16. His tone was rough. – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  17. Old Squire was rough. – The Brass Bound Box by Evelyn Raymond
  18. A little rough on you. – The Greater Power by Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
  19. " It's pretty rough," he sighed. – The Landlord at Lion's Head, Complete by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009