Definitions of need

  1. To be wanted or necessary.
  2. To be in want of; to require.
  3. To have occasion for: to want.
  4. To want; require.
  5. To be in want of; require.
  6. To be wanted; to be necessary.
  7. To be compelled, or under necessity.
  8. be obliged, required, or forced to; " She has to get her driver's license"
  9. have need of; " This piano wants the attention of a competent tuner"
  10. have or feel a need for; " always needing friends and money"
  11. be in want of
  12. To be necessary or required.
  13. To want; to lack.
  14. To want; to require; to have necessity for; in the third pers. sing. pres., need is employed as an auxiliary, and drops the usual terminating s, as he need not come.
  15. a state of extreme poverty or destitution; " their indigence appalled him"; " a general state of need exists among the homeless"
  16. anything that is necessary but lacking; " he had sufficient means to meet his simple needs"; " I tried to supply his wants"
  17. A state that requires supply or relief; pressing occasion for something; necessity; urgent want.
  18. Want of the means of subsistence; poverty; indigence; destitution.
  19. Situation of need; peril; danger.
  20. To be in want of; to have cause or occasion for; to lack; to require, as supply or relief.
  21. Lack of anything desired or useful; necessity; urgent want; poverty; distress.
  22. Necessity: a state that requires relief: want.
  23. NEEDER.
  24. Necessity; want; destitution.
  25. Want; necessity; state that requires relief; urgent want; want of the means of subsistence; indigence.
  26. Want; occasion for something; necessity; pressing difficulty.
  27. Of necessity. See Needs.