Definitions of linden

  1. In America, the basswood, or Tilia Americana.
  2. A tree with heartshaped leaves, and small clusters of cream- colored flowers.
  3. A tree with heart- shaped leaves.
  4. A tree with heart- shaped leaves and cream- colored flowers. See illus. in next col.

Usage examples for linden

  1. When he found himself inclined to rail, he organized a baseball club, and sent down to everlasting defeat the Linburgs, consisting of cash- boys from Linden and Hofburg's department store. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. You, of course, heard what Lady Linden said as she left us? – The Imaginary Marriage by Henry St. John Cooper
  3. But when later the lover has lost his love, then he will come again to the well- known linden, and sigh, and weep, and gaze long and oft upon the stone, and read the inscription-" He loved the flowers of Brenta." – The Prose Writings of Heinrich Heine by Heinrich Heine
  4. The father of Charles Linden had been in business several years when this event took place, and had already acquired by his own exertions, as well as by marriage, a handsome property. – Lessons in Life, For All Who Will Read Them by T. S. Arthur
  5. Rouse Linden; rouse your neighbors to action. – The Life and Times of Ulric Zwingli by Johann Hottinger
  6. If it were not true what Lady Linden said, why did she say it? – The Imaginary Marriage by Henry St. John Cooper
  7. When they would hence to the broad linden, he spake: It hath oft been told me, that none can keep pace with Kriemhild's husband when he be minded for to race. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown
  8. " Boobenstein," I said, as we walked down the Linden Avenue, " I don't understand it." – Further Foolishness by Stephen Leacock
  9. " And round about the linden trees will bloom," thought Lilly, " and the wheat will wave in the breeze, and the cattle will wind their way to water." – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  10. She now stood within the deep shadow of an old linden. – The Created Legend by Feodor Sologub
  11. The olden time is dead and gone; Its years have fill'd their sum- And e'en in Greece- her native Greece- The Sylvan Nymph is dumb- From ash, and beech, and aged oak, No classic whispers come, From Poplar, Pine, and drooping Birch, And fragrant Linden Trees; No living sound E'er hovers round, Unless the vagrant breeze, The music of the merry bird, Or hum of busy bees. – The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood by Thomas Hood
  12. The pretty, frightened girl who shared the drawing- room at this moment with Lady Linden of Cornbridge Manor House had not dared to open her lips. – The Imaginary Marriage by Henry St. John Cooper
  13. And Philemon, as he felt himself rooted to the ground, saw Baucis at the same time turning into a leafy linden. – Good Stories For Great Holidays Arranged for Story-Telling and Reading Aloud and for the Children's Own Reading by Frances Jenkins Olcott
  14. I knew it was he, when he met me at the hall door, and said: Edna- Miss Linden! – Edna's Sacrifice and Other Stories Edna's Sacrifice; Who Was the Thief?; The Ghost; The Two Brothers; and What He Left by Frances Henshaw Baden
  15. Lady Linden said nothing; she sat down. – The Imaginary Marriage by Henry St. John Cooper
  16. Will you meet me in an hour under the big linden tree in the park where Freia and Gretchen tell me you are in the habit of playing with them? – The Red Cross Girls with Pershing to Victory by Margaret Vandercook
  17. It wasn't just tree- lined streets, like Unter den Linden in Berlin, or islands covered with shrubbery, like Park Avenue in New York. – The Old Die Rich by Horace Leonard Gold