Usage examples for impound

  1. Rand had a heated argument with an over- zealous Justice of the Peace, who wanted to impound the pistols and jackknife- mark them for identification, but after hurling bloodthirsty threats of a damage suit for an astronomical figure, he managed to retain possession of the recovered weapons. ” – Murder in the Gunroom by Henry Beam Piper
  2. But, said I again, if the law gives me no protection - and merely to authorize me to impound a creature with wings, is a mockery unworthy of the dignity of the law - I may surely protect myself? ” – The Bushman Life in a New Country by Edward Wilson Landor
  3. Their churches, with red roofs all subdued with lichen into the softest browns, rise above the cottages or farm buildings that surround them in the ideal fashion that is finally repeated at Ouistreham where locks impound the waters of the canal, and a great lighthouse stands out more conspicuously than the church tower. ” – Normandy, Complete The Scenery & Romance Of Its Ancient Towns by Gordon Home
  4. He died intestate, and with no immediate heirs, and opportunity was taken to impound the whole of his manuscripts, amounting to hundreds of volumes. ” – A Short History of French Literature by George Saintsbury
  5. They would impound the car. ” – The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol by William J. Locke
  6. We can, for instance, impound the rising water in a reservoir, and as the tide falls we can compel the enclosed water to work a water- wheel before it returns to the sea. ” – The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball
  7. The government can impound this ship, you know. ” – First Man by Clyde Brown
  8. There, he cried hastily; for goodness' sake be off with them, Roberts, or I shall impound the lot and hand them over to the cook. ” – Middy and Ensign by G. Manville Fenn
  9. “ I resolved to impound the waters of my spring in the ravine and keep fish at last- without salt- to my heart's content. ” – The Amateur Garden by George W. Cable
  10. After a fruitless search, the oarsmen had finally to go down to the river without a fag at all, and impound the boat- boy to steer for them. ” – The Willoughby Captains by Talbot Baines Reed
  11. We've a right to impound the rifles, I daresay, but I really think we had better look the other way. ” – Round the World in Seven Days by Herbert Strang
  12. The complaining farmer was told that he might impound but not maim them; but a troop of horsemen were required for this purpose. ” – The History of Tasmania, Volume I (of 2) by John West
  13. In 1665 Titus received the balance that was left, when the decision of the courts allowed him to handle what legal ingenuity had not been able to impound – Rembrandt by Josef Israels
  14. Then you would still have me believe you have the power to impound Indian shipping, even a vessel owned by His Majesty, thereby exposing the English as helpless to prevent it? ” – The Moghul by Thomas Hoover
  15. And he agreed not to impound any grain or wool or and like against the will of the owners, as had been done before to collect taxes. ” – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  16. If I could impress and impound him to marry Mary Paynham, I should be glad. ” – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  17. Steal it or impound it or take it away legally, you've got to know how it runs. ” – The Fourth R by George Oliver Smith
  18. It might be possible to impound this machine as a device of high interest to the State, mused Manison. ” – The Fourth R by George Oliver Smith