Usage examples for croquet

  1. " Why," said Jerry, narrowing his eyes, as if he recalled a picture he had found incredible, " she was playing croquet out in the front yard." – Country Neighbors by Alice Brown
  2. Croquet is not a riotous game. – A Country Gentleman and his Family by Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant
  3. She boiled her kettle to make chocolate, hanging it upon a croquet hoop which she had found in the garden- Philippe's hoop. – The Happy Foreigner by Enid Bagnold
  4. Creussner, F., Nuremberg printer, 63, 108 Cromwell, Thomas, Earl of, arms on title of Great Bible, 260 Croquet Jean, of Geneva, first edition of Roman de la Rose attributed to, 160 note Cross, the Holy, block- book history of, 118 Cunningham, William, his Cosmographicall Glasse, 218, 261 Dalles, Jean, Lyonnese wood- cutter, 159 Daniel, Rev. – Fine Books by Alfred W. Pollard
  5. When Mrs. Pontellier left him to enter her room, the young man descended the steps and strolled over toward the croquet players, where, during the half- hour before dinner, he amused himself with the little Pontellier children, who were very fond of him. – The Awakening and Selected Short Stories by Kate Chopin
  6. So the lawn was set with croquet hoops, a wretched game, but one which wounded soldiers can play. – Non-combatants and Others by Rose Macaulay
  7. If the yellow patch were hard, instead of elastic, to the touch, and didn't have any aromatic smell when you brought it up to your nose, you would probably say it was a gourd, or an apple, or perhaps a yellow croquet ball. – A Handbook of Health by Woods Hutchinson
  8. Strange or not, there had been something more than a few words that morning in the breakfast- room between Mrs Bray and her daughter, concerning a croquet party to come off that afternoon upon the Elms lawn. – By Birth a Lady by George Manville Fenn
  9. First we met at two croquet parties,- yes, two,- and then at a dinner at the Ramseys, and it was at the dinner at the Ramseys' that he first pressed my hand. – Faith and Unfaith by Duchess
  10. In this way I make croquet good for a ten minutes' chat, which in the end leads up to some other subject. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  11. Next in value to these natural outdoor sports come the artificial games; baseball, football, hare and hounds, lawn tennis, croquet and hockey. – Practical Ethics by William DeWitt Hyde
  12. 5. A croquet match. – Composition-Rhetoric by Stratton D. Brooks
  13. Charley Vining says I play croquet just twice as well as you can; and I know he's coming to- day on purpose to see me! – By Birth a Lady by George Manville Fenn
  14. If there are children, they will assuredly petition for lawn- tennis and croquet grounds. – The Home Acre by E. P. Roe
  15. Peggy was glad there were children in the doctor's family because they would be sure to enjoy the croquet ground and the apple trees. – Peggy in Her Blue Frock by Eliza Orne White
  16. I was just asking Miss Kingscott if she liked croquet and, Tom, do you know- can you believe it, she has never heard of that flirtative and fascinating game? – Caught in a Trap by John C. Hutcheson
  17. When Isabelle and Cairy came up to the house from their afternoon ride, they found Vickers playing croquet with Miss Betterton and the two little girls, who in his society were approaching something like informality in their manner of addressing each other. – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  18. " If that boy of Norcott's isn't a scamp, he must be a most unteachable young rascal," said an old colonel once to Eccles on the croquet ground. – That Boy Of Norcott's by Charles James Lever
  19. By the way, did Sam mend that croquet mallet, the one with the loose head?" – Ralestone Luck by Andre Norton