Definitions of pattern

  1. the path that is prescribed for an airplane that is preparing to land at an airport; " the traffic patterns around O'Hare are very crowded"; " they stayed in the pattern until the fog lifted"
  2. something regarded as a normative example; " the convention of not naming the main character"; " violence is the rule not the exception"; " his formula for impressing visitors"
  3. a decorative or artistic work; " the coach had a design on the doors"
  4. plan or create according to a model or models
  5. form a pattern; " These sentences pattern like the ones we studied before"
  6. a customary way of operation or behavior; " it is their practice to give annual raises"; " they changed their dietary pattern"
  7. a perceptual structure; " the composition presents problems for students of musical form"; " a visual pattern must include not only objects but the spaces between them"
  8. a model considered worthy of imitation; " the American constitution has provided a pattern for many republics"
  9. graphical representation ( in polar or cartesian coordinates) of the spatial distribution of radiation from an antenna as a function of angle
  10. A diagram showing the distribution of the pellets of a shotgun on a vertical target perpendicular to the plane of fire.
  11. Anything proposed for imitation; an archetype; an exemplar; that which is to be, or is worthy to be, copied or imitated; as, a pattern of a machine.
  12. A part showing the figure or quality of the whole; a specimen; a sample; an example; an instance.
  13. Stuff sufficient for a garment; as, a dress pattern.
  14. Figure or style of decoration; design; as, wall paper of a beautiful pattern.
  15. Something made after a model; a copy.
  16. Anything cut or formed to serve as a guide to cutting or forming objects; as, a dressmaker's pattern.
  17. A full- sized model around which a mold of sand is made, to receive the melted metal. It is usually made of wood and in several parts, so as to be removed from the mold without injuring it.
  18. To make or design ( anything) by, from, or after, something that serves as a pattern; to copy; to model; to imitate.
  19. A model, sample, or specimen; a design or figure; as, the pattern of a carpet; a piece of material sufficient for a garment.
  20. To make in imitation of.
  21. To form one thing like another.
  22. A person or thing to be copied: a model: an example: style of ornamental work: anything to serve as a guide in forming objects.
  23. A model; example.
  24. To imitate; copy.
  25. Something for imitation; a model.
  26. A decorative design; figure; style.
  27. A model to be copied; a specimen or sample; anything cut or formed into a shape to be copied.
  28. An original proposed for imitation; that which is to be copied or imitated; a sample; anything cut out or formed into a shape to be copied; a specimen; an example.

Usage examples for pattern

  1. But if Jesus was a dreamer, He dreamed true, and the very reason why He is loved with such wide and deep devotion is that men do dimly, but instinctively, perceive that His life presents the only perfect pattern of life as it should be. – The Empire of Love by W. J. Dawson
  2. Soldiers are all after one pattern. – The Country Doctor by Honore de Balzac
  3. Why, I never see such a pattern in my life. – Hillsboro People by Dorothy Canfield
  4. Well, the pattern it's set for is the shape of an automobile. – The Ideal by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum
  5. It had been expected that the previous pattern of attack would be repeated. – The Year When Stardust Fell by Raymond F. Jones
  6. This was the pattern of their daily life. – In a Little Town by Rupert Hughes
  7. Their death was after the same pattern of faith. – The Expositor's Bible: The Epistle to the Hebrews by Thomas Charles Edwards
  8. 2. Pattern in himself to know, Grace to stand, and virtue go. – Literary Remains, Vol. 2 by Coleridge
  9. The meeting of the pattern isn't perfect. – The Other Girls by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  10. Sixth row:- Knit 4, knit the pattern to within 6 of the end. – Exercises in Knitting by Cornelia Mee
  11. He needs only a pattern. – The Tin Soldier by Temple Bailey
  12. It was my first wide pattern, and it went slow. – Idle Hour Stories by Eugenia Dunlap Potts
  13. All societies to whom belong either wonderful art, or nothing except secrecy, have been founded on our pattern. – A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall
  14. It is L. part of life which will fit in somewhere- an important part in its right place- but it isn't the whole pattern. – The Window-Gazer by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
  15. I shall get Denah- she is one of the girls who went for the excursion- to come and teach Mevrouw a new crochet pattern after dinner of a day. – The Good Comrade by Una L. Silberrad
  16. These youngsters are as much alike as if they had been cut from one pattern. – The Clock Strikes Thirteen by Mildred A. Wirt
  17. " You pattern of beauty," cried the wicked Queen, " it is now all over with you." – Favorite Fairy Tales by Logan Marshall
  18. Miss Marbury's color plan is different: her walls are a soft gray, the floor is covered in a solid blue carpet rug, rather dark in tone, the chintz also has a black ground, but the pattern is entirely different in character from the room below. – The House in Good Taste by Elsie de Wolfe
  19. I meant to make 'em red, when I marked the pattern, and then fill out round 'em with a light color; but now I ain't satisfied with anything but white, for nothing will do in the middle of the rug but our white wedding dresses. – The Village Watch-Tower by (AKA Kate Douglas Riggs) Kate Douglas Wiggin