Usage examples for comprise

  1. Art should comprise every method that is likely to add to its scope, and the use of leit- motiven opens a vista of illimitable possibilities to the composer of the future. – Masters of French Music by Arthur Hervey
  2. From time to time superficial articles have appeared in the Manila papers regarding the virtues of some plant or other and these books and articles comprise the whole literature on the subject up to this time. – The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines by T. H. Pardo de Tavera
  3. It ought to comprise, in his opinion, meat and beer. – Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles by Mrs. Henry Wood
  4. Together, the two ideas comprise the program of the more advanced workers in all of the great imperial countries of the world. – The American Empire by Scott Nearing
  5. The preceding instructions comprise most of the everyday terms that a coxswain should know. – Rowing by Rudolf Chambers Lehmann
  6. Clearly his knowledge of all, as he described it, did not comprise the disgrace which I feared. – Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore
  7. The supersubmersible flotillas should comprise fifty or sixty of these units. – The Journal of Submarine Commander von Forstner by Georg-Günther von Forstner Commentator: John Hays, Jr. Hammond
  8. Another act of faith will comprise the final chapter. – The Forerunners by Romain Rolland
  9. They comprise the movements of the body of which we are conscious and which are controlled by the mind. – Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools by Francis M. Walters, A.M.