Definitions of wall

  1. an embankment built around a space for defensive purposes; " they stormed the ramparts of the city"; " they blew the trumpet and the walls came tumbling down"
  2. surround with a wall in order to fortify
  3. ( anatomy) a layer ( a lining or membrane) that encloses a structure; " stomach walls"
  4. an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure; " the south wall had a small window"; " the walls were covered with pictures"
  5. a layer of material that encloses space; " the walls of the cylinder were perforated"; " the container's walls were blue"
  6. anything that suggests a wall in structure or effect; " a wall of water"; " a wall of smoke"; " a wall of prejudice"
  7. a vertical ( or almost vertical) smooth rock face ( as of a cave or mountain)
  8. a difficult or awkward situation; " his back was to the wall"; " competition was pushing them to the wall"
  9. anything that suggests a wall in structure or function or effect; " a wall of water"; " a wall of smoke"; " a wall of prejudice"; " negotiations ran into a brick wall"
  10. A work or structure of stone, brick, or other materials, raised to some height, and intended for defense or security, solid and permanent inclosing fence, as around a field, a park, a town, etc., also, one of the upright inclosing parts of a building or a room.
  11. A defense; a rampart; a means of protection; in the plural, fortifications, in general; works for defense.
  12. An inclosing part of a receptacle or vessel; as, the walls of a steam- engine cylinder.
  13. The side of a level or drift.
  14. The country rock bounding a vein laterally.
  15. To inclose with a wall, or as with a wall.
  16. To defend by walls, or as if by walls; to fortify.
  17. To close or fill with a wall, as a doorway.
  18. A solid fence of stone, brick, etc.; the outside structure which incloses a building; a partition forming the side of a room; a structure for defense; means of protection.
  19. To surround with, or as with, a structure for inclosure, security, or defense.
  20. An erection of brick, stone, etc., for a fence or security: the side of a building: ( fig.) defence, means of security:- pl. fortifications.
  21. To inclose with or as with a wall: to defend with walls.
  22. Fence of brick or stone: side of a building.
  23. To inclose with, or as with, a wall; fortify.
  24. To provide with a wall; enclose; fortify; defend.
  25. A continuous structure, as for the side of a house, vessel, etc.; also, a fence of stone or masonry.
  26. Fortifications in general.
  27. A work or structure of stone, brick, or other material, intended for defence or secrecy; the side of a building or apartment; a defence or means of security.
  28. To inclose with or defend by a wall. To go to the wall, to get the worst of it. To take the wall, to take the upper or most honourable place.

Usage examples for wall

  1. She glanced at the great clock upon the wall. – The Vultures by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. And the father turned his face round to the wall. – Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope
  3. " Wall, she wuz willin' to," sez I. " Id'no as she wuz. – Samantha at the World's Fair by Marietta Holley
  4. Help me set him up against the wall. – The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
  5. Nothing led to this village built against a wall. – The Heather-Moon by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  6. But his wife turned her face to the wall, saying, however. – Cruel As The Grave by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  7. Just you stand against the wall and take it easy. – Trees Are Where You Find Them by Arthur Dekker Savage
  8. She was the girl who used to sit there against the wall! – Half Portions by Edna Ferber
  9. There he turned with his back to the wall. – The Heart Of The Hills by John Fox, Jr.
  10. An' his picture fell down off the wall while I was sweepin' the pa'lah. – The Little Colonel by Annie Fellows Johnston
  11. He touched a spring in the side of the wall. – Atlantida by Pierre Benoit
  12. Or was there any wall at all? – Doors of the Night by Frank L. Packard
  13. He knew that his hat had been on the table with the front toward the wall. – Starr, of the Desert by B. M Bower
  14. " I put the pizen for him as you said, and all I could do he would die in the wall. – Ethelyn's Mistake by Mary Jane Holmes
  15. In the right wall there is another door, also well down on the stage. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker
  16. He pressed his full force now against the wall. – Out of the Triangle by Mary E. Bamford
  17. So I tried 'em on, and they fit like the paper on the wall. – Sube Cane by Edward Bellamy Partridge
  18. Turn my picture to the wall! – Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade
  19. We cannot go to the wall." – Blind Policy by George Manville Fenn