Quotes of requisite

  1. Wherefore for the public interest and benefit of human society it is requisite that the highest obligations possible should be laid upon the consciences of men. – Isaac Barrow
  2. A man may speak very well in the House of Commons, and fail very completely in the House of Lords. There are two distinct styles requisite I intend, in the course of my career, if I have time, to give a specimen of both. – Benjamin Disraeli
  3. Are we going to go out and arrest and detain and deport 11 million people? Nobody would argue that that is what we are going to do, because we have never demonstrated the political will to do that, nor have we ever committed the requisite resources to do that. – Luis Gutierrez
  4. Christ has not only ordained that there shall be such officers in his Church- he has not only specified their duties and prerogatives- but he gives the requisite qualifications, and calls those thus qualified, and by that call gives them their official authority. – Charles Hodge
  5. It is only requisite for me to say to you, that the President places great reliance upon your skill, judgment and intimate knowledge. – Anson Jones
  6. All of this suggests that while citizens became more comfortable with President Bush after September 11 and thought him to have the requisite leadership skills, they continue to harbor doubts about his priorities, loyalties, interests, and policies. – Thomas E. Mann
  7. The primary requisite for writing well about food is a good appetite. – Robert M. Parker, Jr.
  8. During the period of capital moving from one employment to another, the profits on that to which capital is flowing will be relatively high, but will continue so no longer than till the requisite capital is obtained. – David Ricardo
  9. I am of opinion that it is highly requisite forthwith to pass a law, prohibiting upon great penalties all trade with our enemies, and more especially the supplying of them with arms, ammunition or provisions of any kind whatsoever. – William Shirley
  10. Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice: all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things. – Adam Smith
  11. People are beginning to see that the first requisite to success in life is to be a good animal. – Herbert Spencer
  12. Ignorance is the first requisite of the historian- ignorance, which simplifies and clarifies, which selects and omits, with a placid perfection unattainable by the highest art. – Lytton Strachey

Usage examples for requisite

  1. He showed him where all the papers were kept, and directed him to whom to go for any requisite legal advise. – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  2. Helen was very grateful for the suggestion, and the good Doctor promised to make the requisite inquiries next day. – A Book For The Young by Sarah French
  3. To tell the truth, he had expected that San Giacinto would name about fifty thousand as the sum requisite – Sant' Ilario by F. Marion Crawford
  4. Once teach a man that any ceremony is requisite to salvation, and he will soon go a step further by himself, and think the outward ceremony sufficient without the inward grace. – Christian Sects in the Nineteenth Century by Caroline Frances Cornwallis
  5. To obtain the rank of a warrior chief, it was absolutely requisite that I had distinguished myself on the field of battle. – Monsieur Violet by Frederick Marryat
  6. We in England long ago made up our minds that the most excellent way to get public work done is to choose the best men, give them the requisite authority, and then allow them to do the duty to which they are called. – Practical Politics; or, the Liberalism of To-day by Alfred Farthing Robbins
  7. You had every quality that makes the soldier; you had every social requisite except wealth. – The Law of Hemlock Mountain by Hugh Lundsford
  8. At all events, He makes His appeal openly, and has the requisite pass- word. – The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I by Marcus Dods
  9. In short, every requisite becoming a prince was displayed. – Bagh O Bahar, Or Tales of the Four Darweshes by Mir Amman of Dihli
  10. These lodgings comprise one or more drawing- rooms, the requisite number of bed- rooms, and the use of the kitchen. – Recollections of Europe by J. Fenimore Cooper
  11. We carried one tent, with provisions and everything requisite for forming a camp, so that we might send the empty carts back to bring on more stores, should we find that we could not get the heavy waggons through. – With Axe and Rifle by W.H.G. Kingston
  12. As they are bound to maintain and educate their children, the law has given them such authority, and, in support of that authority, a right to the exercise of such discipline as may be requisite to the discharge of the sacred trust. – Putnam's Handy Law Book for the Layman by Albert Sidney Bolles
  13. Schalarof went on shore, but finding neither trees nor drift- wood, was obliged to sail further, in search of some place provided with this indispensable requisite – From Paris to New York by Land by Harry de Windt
  14. We can hardly say that capital is as requisite to production as land and labour, for the reason that capital must have been the produce of land and labour. – Political economy by W. Stanley Jevons
  15. Whatever was necessary for domestic government- requisite in the social organization of each community- was retained by the States and the people thereof; and these it was made the duty of all to defend and maintain. – The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2) by Jefferson Davis
  16. It is absolutely requisite in order to a right understanding of the history of the country, to bear these truths clearly in mind. – The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2) by Jefferson Davis
  17. Some one has said: " The first great requisite to a man's amounting to anything is to be well born." – Memories of a Musical Life by William Mason
  18. Suetonius hastened to the protection of London, which was already a flourishing Roman colony; but he found, on his arrival, that it would be requisite for the general safety to abandon that place to the merciless fury of the enemy. – The History of England, Volume I by David Hume
  19. The qualifications requisite for election are extremely broad. – The Governments of Europe by Frederic Austin Ogg
  20. It will be requisite that you let me have in Latin your instructions from the Protector. – A Journal of the Swedish Embassy in the Years 1653 and 1654, Vol II. by Bulstrode Whitelocke

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