Usage examples for regardless

  1. And, with an air of great indignation, her Ladyship swept out of the room, regardless of the state into which she had thrown her daughter. – Marriage by Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
  2. Into it he forces his figures regardless. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker
  3. No answer was returned, and regardless of every other consideration, they ran out of the cottage, one in this direction, and the other in that, searching and calling. – Undine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
  4. Dudleigh took it, and for a moment each gazed into the other's eyes, regardless of observation. – The Living Link by James De Mille
  5. A losing general is sacrificed, regardless of his real merit. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  6. McCloud greeted Dunning, regardless of his amazement, as if he had parted from him the day before. – Whispering Smith by Frank H. Spearman
  7. They therefore seek the best trained agents regardless of the immediate ability of the people to pay their salary. – India’s Problem Krishna or Christ by John P. Jones
  8. When this brother William finds a noble bit of literature, he is fired to share it with his relatives, regardless of time and circumstances. – Life's Minor Collisions by Frances Warner Gertrude Warner
  9. These have usually been offered in connection with works of distinguished authors in numerous volumes, stated, as a rule, to be limited to a thousand copies, and described as the contents of the private library of a lady, which the agent declares to have been placed in his hands to dispose of as quickly as possible, regardless of cost. – Book-Lovers, Bibliomaniacs and Book Clubs by Henry H. Harper
  10. Tom fairly roared it out, perfectly regardless of possible detection. – Five Little Peppers at School by Margaret Sidney
  11. He likes to go his own way, regardless of what may be expected of him or whether he satisfies the partisans of any particular style of music. – Masters of French Music by Arthur Hervey
  12. We'll have the men there in a few hours and will obtain whatever you need, regardless of cost, for immediate delivery. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930 by Various
  13. Speed seemed to be the quality above all others that one must strive for, and speed she was determined to have, regardless of consequences. – Calvary Alley by Alice Hegan Rice
  14. A handsome woman in her way, but utterly regardless! – Banked Fires by E. W. (Ethel Winifred) Savi
  15. I also found that my agent who had been traveling through that section, had sold to anybody and everybody, regardless of credit- standing, or responsibility. – Twenty Years of Hus'ling by J. P. Johnston
  16. It is better, therefore, that men should soon make up their minds to be forgotten, and look about them, or within them, for some higher motive, in what they do, than the approbation of men, which is Fame; namely, their duty; that they should be constantly and quietly at work, each in his sphere, regardless of effects, and leaving their fame to take care of itself. – Hyperion by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  17. You can take it for granted that I'm ready to go as far as is needful for the good of my country, regardless of- of any one at Appleyard. – Johnstone of the Border by Harold Bindloss
  18. They sold their pelts in sets, regardless of quality. – In the Brooding Wild by Ridgwell Cullum
  19. It was the coolness with which he still held her pony regardless of her commands. – Betty Zane by Zane Grey