Definitions of muster

  1. To summon and gather together; be assembled.
  2. Something shown for imitation; a pattern.
  3. A show; a display.
  4. An assembling or review of troops, as for parade, verification of numbers, inspection, exercise, or introduction into service.
  5. Any assemblage or display; a gathering.
  6. To collect and display; to assemble, as troops for parade, inspection, exercise, or the like.
  7. Hence: To summon together; to enroll in service; to get together.
  8. To assemble, especially troops; to collect and show; as, to muster one's courage.
  9. To assemble, as troops for duty or inspection: to gather.
  10. To be gathered together for parade, inspection, exercise, or the like; to come together as parts of a force or body; as, his supporters mustered in force.
  11. To meet in one place.
  12. To be gathered together, as troops.
  13. gather or bring together; " muster the courage to do something"; " she rallied her intellect"; " Summon all your courage"
  14. call to duty, military service, jury duty, etc.
  15. To collect or assemble troops, persons, or things generally for review.
  16. To collect or assemble for military duty or review; to bring together to assemble.
  17. compulsory military service
  18. An assembly of troops for review or active service; list of troops assembled; assemblage; collection.
  19. An assembling of troops: a register of troops mustered: assemblage: collected show.
  20. A review of troops; assemblage; inspection.
  21. To assemble, as troops.
  22. An assemblage, as of troops.
  23. Musterroll.
  24. An assembling of troops for review; any assembling of gathering; the act of collecting.