Usage examples for matting

  1. They are built with a pointed stern and bow rising with the sweep of a short curve from the water high above the cabin roof, which is always covered with a straw matting. – Venetian Life by W. D. Howells
  2. No one of the household had ever seen a carpet; but there was matting on some of the floors. – The Settlers at Home by Harriet Martineau
  3. Matting is easily broken and should not be used where the bed must be drawn away from the wall to be made, or heavy furniture moved about. – The Complete Home by Various
  4. He was as big as a man, somewhat lank, and covered with coarse hair the colour of cocoanut matting. – The Missing Link by Edward Dyson
  5. People were living in tents, in brush houses, even in shelter made by four upright green poles over which were spread matting and old bedding. – History of California by Helen Elliott Bandini
  6. Followed a short spell of peace in which Leonie raised her hand to summon her ayah squatting on the dressing- room matting, and put an end to the incessant chattering. – Leonie of the Jungle by Joan Conquest
  7. Grunting disgustedly, Sheckly stretched out on the floor matting and tried to think of other things. – Skin Game by Charles E. Fritch
  8. We went into the king's house, which is still standing, and saw some beautiful matting lining the walls, taking the place of our house paper. – Scenes in the Hawaiian Islands and California by Mary Evarts Anderson
  9. But it was particularly the serpents that turned his blood cold when, stepping upon a matting of moving, withered leaves, he caught sight of their slim heads gliding amidst a horrid maze of roots. – The Fat and the Thin by Emile Zola