Definitions of mat

  1. To knot into a mat; be tangled.
  2. To cover or lay with mats.
  3. To twist, twine, or felt together; to interweave into, or like, a mat; to entangle.
  4. To mass, knot, or twist together; to produce a dull surface upon.
  5. To cover with mats: to interweave: to entangle:- pr. p. matting; pa. t. and pa. p. matted.
  6. To cover with mats; entangle.
  7. To grow thick together; to become interwoven or felted together like a mat.
  8. To become knotted or tangled.
  9. change texture so as to become matted and felt- like; " The fabric felted up after several washes"
  10. To cover or lay with mats; to twist together.
  11. To twist together or interweave like a mat; to felt or entangle; to grow thick together.
  12. Matting.
  13. a thick flat pad used as a floor covering
  14. table linen for an individual place setting
  15. a small pad of material that is used to protect surface from an object placed on it
  16. A name given by coppersmiths to an alloy of copper, tin, iron, etc., usually called white metal.
  17. A fabric of sedge, rushes, flags, husks, straw, hemp, or similar material, used for wiping and cleaning shoes at the door, for covering the floor of a hall or room, and for other purposes.
  18. Any similar fabric for various uses, as for covering plant houses, putting beneath dishes or lamps on a table, securing rigging from friction, and the like.
  19. Anything growing thickly, or closely interwoven, so as to resemble a mat in form or texture; as, a mat of weeds; a mat of hair.
  20. An ornamental border made of paper, pasterboard, metal, etc., put under the glass which covers a framed picture; as, the mat of a daguerreotype.
  21. A flat piece of coarse woven fabric, used for a floor covering, etc.; anything thickly overgrown or entangled, as weeds; a dull finish on a gilded or painted surface; a border serving as a margin for a picture.
  22. A texture of sedge, etc., for cleaning the feet on: a web of rope- yarn.
  23. A texture of rushes, straw, or other coarse fibres.
  24. A flat article as of straw, etc., for wiping the feet.
  25. A border for a picture.
  26. A texture of sedge, rushes, straw, or other coarse fibrous material: a web of rope- yarn.
  27. A thick texture formed by weaving or plaiting together rushes, straw, rope- yarn, or suchlike substances, used for laying down at the entrance of a house or apartment that the boots or shoes of those about to enter may be cleaned or rubbed on it; an article woven or plaited of straw, & c., for putting beneath dishes at table; an ornamental article of worsted or other material to put beneath a drawing- room ornament.
  28. not reflecting light; not glossy; " flat wall paint"; " a photograph with a matte finish"
  29. Cast down; dejected; overthrown; slain.
  30. Matted.