Quotes of enforcement

  1. No one bill will cure the problem of spam. It will take a combined effort of legislation, litigation, enforcement customer education, and technology solutions. – David Baker
  2. Our nation's military and law enforcement personal work hard to protect us. We must thank them for their continued vigilance. Without their sacrifice we would less capable of protecting our nation. – Leonard Boswell
  3. Although our war on drugs must be fortified with the best laws, enforcement efforts and resources, we would not be successful without your individual commitment to this cause. – Mel Carnahan
  4. Foreign nationals entering the United States illegally who are taken into custody by the Border Protection Corps or by State or local law enforcement authorities must be promptly delivered to a federal law enforcement authority. – John Culberson
  5. The recent fascination, I think, reflects the shift in approach by law enforcement officials to embrace technology as wholeheartedly as the rest of the world. – Jeffery Deaver
  6. Our law enforcement must be given every tool available to protect children from predators and parents need to know who is living in their community. – Robin Hayes
  7. Enforcement is the long overdue step to protect our Nation from external threats in a time of war. And then once we do that, we can effectively discuss a guest worker program. – J. D. Hayworth
  8. The American people likewise want to see enforcement first, no tricks, no triggers, no amnesty, enforcing existing laws and closing loopholes to reaffirm that our great Republic is, in fact, a nation of laws. – J. D. Hayworth
  9. We need a tougher enforcement program and, most importantly, we need to fix the badly broken ethics system. – Marty Meehan
  10. Where the stakes are the highest, in the war on terror, we cannot possibly succeed without extraordinary international cooperation. Effective international police actions require the highest degree of intelligence sharing, planning and collaborative enforcement – Barack Obama
  11. The Patriot Act removed major legal barriers that prevented the law enforcement intelligence, and national defense communities from talking and coordinating their work to protect the American people and our national security. – Jon Porter
  12. The enforcement is the flip side to the growth. And that's OK. – Hilary Rosen
  13. There are some very real areas where working together is critical, whether it's talking about public policy issues, enforcement or how to work together to facilitate new business opportunities. The RIAA has gotten much more involved in that. – Hilary Rosen
  14. Regulating and taxing marijuana would simultaneously save taxpayers billions of dollars in enforcement and incarceration costs, while providing many billions of dollars in revenue annually. – George Soros
  15. As governor, there isn't a lot I can do beyond that to crack down on crime. Law enforcement is really a local issue. It's the cops' job to tighten down on criminals. – Jesse Ventura

Usage examples for enforcement

  1. The regulations establish comprehensive controls for hazardous waste and, together with vigorous enforcement will help to ensure that Love Canal will not be repeated. – State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter by Jimmy Carter
  2. The enforcement of mortgages and collection of debts was generally- by me, at least- entrusted to clerks, unless a contest was made upon them. – Personal Reminiscences of Early Days in California with Other Sketches; To Which Is Added the Story of His Attempted Assassination by a Former Associate on the Supreme Bench of the State by Stephen Field; George C. Gorham
  3. In order to justify the passage of the enforcement acts and to obtain campaign material for use in 1872, Congress appointed a committee, organized on the very day when the Ku Klux Act was approved, to investigate conditions in the Southern States. – The Sequel of Appomattox A Chronicle of the Reunion of the States, Volume 32 In The Chronicles Of America Series by Walter Lynwood Fleming
  4. Beyond the ken of a community to which the enforcement of the revenue laws had long been merely so much out of every man's pocket and dish, into the all- devouring treasury of Spain. – Madame Delphine by George W. Cable
  5. The suspension of the fulfillment of contracts declared by the Exchange made it impossible to return this borrowed stock, and the houses doing this business were therefore obliged either to allow the drafts to go to protest or finance the incoming stock until the free enforcement of contracts was again permitted. – The New York Stock Exchange in the Crisis of 1914 by Henry George Stebbins Noble
  6. If there is to be peace and good will between the several parties in industry, it will surely not be brought about by the enforcement upon unwilling groups of a method which in their judgment is not adapted to their peculiar needs. – Modern American Prose Selections by Various
  7. This could be done only by the adoption and enforcement of questionable methods. – The Facts of Reconstruction by John R. Lynch
  8. If the genius of America, which was conservative, turns radical, the political machinery here would be more fit than that of any other land to allow the enforcement of socialism. – Psychology and Social Sanity by Hugo Münsterberg
  9. He had been one of those who had always most vehemently denounced the nobility for their weakness in the enforcement of this law. – The Women of the Caesars by Guglielmo Ferrero
  10. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania pronounced it unconstitutional, and advised the issue of a temporary injunction to prevent its enforcement by the officials charged with that function. – The American Judiciary by Simeon E. Baldwin, LLD
  11. The I- S C is the Federation's Investigation and Enforcement branch, not a governing or military patrol." – Man of Many Minds by E. Everett Evans
  12. No other case in his 21 years in law enforcement had as much overwhelming evidence as this one, yet the jury had let Wandii walk. – Underground by Suelette Dreyfus
  13. In Detroit, the black community had been upset for some time by what it believed had been a selective enforcement of certain laws aimed at them. – The Black Experience in America The Immigrant Heritage of America by Norman Coombs
  14. Broadly speaking, the functions performed by government are of a threefold order: the establishment, interpretation, and enforcement of laws. – Government and Administration of the United States by Westel W. Willoughby and William F. Willoughby
  15. By the ejection of 1602, through a too stringent enforcement of the new Act of Uniformity, she had lost the services of some of the most devoted of her Puritan sons, men whose views were in many cases no way distinguishable from those which had been held without rebuke by some of the most honoured bishops of Elizabeth's time. – The English Church in the Eighteenth Century by Charles J. Abbey and John H. Overton
  16. They recognize that law enforcement is first the duty of local police and local government. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  17. Cannot our best law- enforcement agencies find the real perpetrators of these crimes? – Prologue to an Analogue by Leigh Richmond
  18. The enforcement of these laws is left largely in the hands of local community officers. – Community Civics and Rural Life by Arthur W. Dunn
  19. But we had yet to learn the nature and source of the compelling motive for its enforcement – The Story of Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland and of the new Gospel of Interpretation by Edward Maitland
  20. He condemned the law as at war with Scripture and the rights of the master, and its enforcement as injurious to the best interests of the community. – Half a Century by Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm