Quotes of convenience

  1. My house is my refuge, an emotional piece of architecture, not a cold piece of convenience – Luis Barragan
  2. There is no reason that the universe should be designed for our convenience – John D. Barrow
  3. In speaking, for convenience of devices and expedients, I did not intend to imply that Shakespeare always deliberately aimed at the effects which he produced. – Andrew Coyle Bradley
  4. We're not children here. The law is -how should I put it? A convenience Or a convenience for some people, and an inconvenience for other people. – Paul Castellano
  5. But every company of the future is going to be in the business of exquisite care- which means quick turnaround time and convenience To deliver exquisite care, you need an organization that coordinates well and listens well. – Fernando Flores
  6. We do not need to eat animals, wear animals, or use animals for entertainment purposes, and our only defense of these uses is our pleasure, amusement, and convenience – Gary L. Francione
  7. An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience – Mitch Hedberg
  8. The bourgeois prefers comfort to pleasure, convenience to liberty, and a pleasant temperature to the deathly inner consuming fire. – Hermann Hesse
  9. The god whom science recognizes must be a God of universal laws exclusively, a God who does a wholesale, not a retail business. He cannot accommodate his processes to the convenience of individuals. – William James
  10. The Church has never changed its teaching on the sanctity of human life- it didn't make up a rule for the convenience of a particular time like a rule at a country club as the Governor would have us believe. – Wellington Mara
  11. The point is that these decisions they've made are partly for your convenience and partly for theirs and partly out of stereotypes that they carry with them from the conventions of the computer field. – Ted Nelson
  12. The lanes and streets of the city being set out, the choice of sites for the convenience and use of the state remains to be decided on; for sacred edifices, for the forum, and for other public buildings. – Marcus V. Pollio
  13. We must learn which ceremonies may be breached occasionally at our convenience and which ones may never be if we are to live pleasantly with our fellow man. – Amy Vanderbilt

Usage examples for convenience

  1. For the greater convenience of the Committee, I offered to have this statement printed at my own expense, and to supply the members with copies. – The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet by George Bernard Shaw
  2. " I never have any such convenience said Burgo. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  3. One convenience was that the hunters were not obliged to go to St. Louis to sell them. – The Hunters of the Ozark by Edward S. Ellis
  4. It was a mere narrow ribbon of a road made by the Romans, without a thought for the convenience of travellers in a later day; and as the carriage turned a corner, O'Toole, mounted on his horse, saw ahead a heavy cart crawling up towards them. – Clementina by A.E.W. Mason
  5. She was sitting by the tea- table, which had been placed close to the sofa for the convenience of the invalid, and Hector was leaning against his cushions watching her little hands flying in and out of her work. – More About Peggy by Mrs G. de Horne Vaizey
  6. It is unnecessary for our purposes, however, since the essential conditions may be secured, though with less convenience in any kitchen. – The Prospective Mother A Handbook for Women During Pregnancy by J. Morris Slemons
  7. For their convenience the conversation was carried on in English. – Four Phases of Love by Paul Heyse
  8. This being so, she could not bring herself to endure the marriage of convenience she now believed to be all he sought of her. – Jane Oglander by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  9. For the sake of convenience the many varieties of language have been grouped into three great divisions, i. – A Manual of the Antiquity of Man by J. P. MacLean
  10. But the parent is liable for the running of a car with his knowledge by a member of his family and for the convenience or pleasure of other members. – Putnam's Handy Law Book for the Layman by Albert Sidney Bolles
  11. " I reckon ef ye're honin' fer a little sward- fightin' I'll aim ter convenience ye," he quietly invited. – The Tempering by Charles Neville Buck
  12. It was found so extremely embarrassing to heads of families and others who were liable every day or hour to be cut off, that it was at length proposed, as a matter of convenience that Sulla should save time by publishing a short list, containing the few names of those whom he did not intend to sacrifice. – The Comic History of Rome by Gilbert Abbott Becket
  13. We will, for convenience assume that each link has a black side and a side painted white. – Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney
  14. At the same time, Tommy's acquaintances seemed to assume as a matter of course that he might find an occasional plunge into obscurity a convenience – The Furnace by Rose Macaulay
  15. May I entreat, then, you will make it your convenience to return here? – The Bramleighs Of Bishop's Folly by Charles James Lever
  16. It is for our own convenience Mr. Wharton replied gruffly. – Ted and the Telephone by Sara Ware Bassett
  17. " Lots of convenience though," said Fenton. – Pine Needles by Susan Bogert Warner
  18. A tap is a great convenience and would save Jules' time filling up the tank. – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss
  19. Men obtained the land on both sides of the rivers at the crossing places and served the public only at their own convenience and at their own charges. – The Paths of Inland Commerce A Chronicle of Trail, Road, and Waterway, Volume 21 in The Chronicles of America Series by Archer B. Hulbert
  20. He continued, however, to live at Coate, partly, no doubt, for economy, and partly for convenience – The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies by Walter Besant

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