Antonyms for cheap

high-priced, rigorous, altruistic, beneficent, superior, augean, free, praiseworthy, openhearted, rough, profligate, Dissipating, generous, creditable, tolerable, worthy, demanding, burdensome, complicated, good, knotty, exclusive, bounteous, admirable, first class, laudable, wasteful, good-hearted, satisfactory, merchantable, salable, serviceable, tall, open, spendy, involved, fairish, spendthrift, honest, all-right, uphill, handsome, toilsome, deluxe, painful, O.K., inflated, virtuous, polished, sweaty, herculean, do good, labored, costly, freehanded, upmarket, first-rate, complex, honorable, invaluable, eleemosynary, murderous, refined, stiff, taxing, oppressive, valuable, compassionate, reputable, unreasonable, onerous, thriftless, right-minded, precious, recondite, greathearted, overpriced, testing, handcrafted, arduous, munificent, overgenerous, exhausting, bighearted, grueling, steep, principled, openhanded, benevolent, pricey, abstruse, heavy, exorbitant, scrupulous, Moiling, prohibitory, prodigal, high-grade, pricy, passable, respectable, kindly, wasting, meritorious, problematic, acceptable, ultraexpensive, profuse, righteous, marketable, dearly-won, Unthrifty, effortful, unselfish, intricate, troublesome, big-ticket, high-ticket, laborious, difficult, adequate, fine, tasteful, formidable, unsparing, squandering, pick-and-shovel, lavish, strenuous, high, moral, priceless, challenging, selfless, bountiful, hospitable, extravagant, top-notch, severe, splurging, tough, stressful, upright, deserving, freehearted, exacting, dear, noble, prohibitive, excellent, hard, redoubtable, humanitarian, unstinting, liberal, increased, charitable, Toilful, fulsome, commendable, hellacious, decent, Frittering, elegant, ethical, magnanimous, right, premium, expensive, luxurious, philanthropic, backbreaking, high-minded.

Quotes of cheap

  1. Education is the cheap defense of nations. – Edmund Burke
  2. There's nothing cure or funny or lovable about being cheap It's a total turn -off. – Doug Coupland
  3. Hope! of all ills that men endure, the only cheap and universal cure. – Abraham Cowley
  4. CDs, too. Totally corporate. They look real cheap and soulless and they don't smell of anything. – Evan Dando
  5. It is not necessarily true that expensive experiments are not worthwhile doing but there are plenty of rather cheap experiments which are certainly worth doing. – Martin Fleischmann
  6. You get people talking about being worried about their art, and dances... their culture being wiped out or taken over, and yet these same people are taking advantage of their people to use them as cheap labour. – Arlo Guthrie
  7. The '60s are gone, dope will never be as cheap sex never as free, and the rock and roll never as great. – Abbie Hoffman
  8. They were written on cheap blue notebooks bought by poor women. I'm interested in folk tales in the way that medicine and magic in women's stories are all kind of combined. – Alice Hoffman
  9. I'm cheap and I'm proud of it! – Wyclef Jean
  10. Each building has to be beautiful, but cheap and fast, but it lasts forever. That is already an incredible battery of seemingly contradictory demands. So yes, I'm definitely perhaps contradictory person, but I operate in very contradictory times. – Rem Koolhaas
  11. Whoever would have guessed that in the land of cheap sausages and mashed potatoes there could be such a change which would actually bring the French from Paris every weekend to invade Britain en masse to eat great food and drink great wine. – Robin Leach
  12. Trying to rebuild Afghanistan on the cheap has left the country in the hands of warlords and an impotent Northern Alliance puppet regime that runs Kabul and nothing else. – Ted Rall
  13. It is no use to grumble and complain; It's just as cheap and easy to rejoice; When God sorts out the weather and sends rain- Why, rain's my choice. – James Whitcomb Riley
  14. We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap – Kurt Vonnegut

Usage examples for cheap

  1. There are plenty of cheap lodging- houses." – Richard Dare's Venture by Edward Stratemeyer
  2. He got them very cheap – Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3 by Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds
  3. You dare not use the pistol, and I am not to be frightened by so cheap a trick. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  4. You ought to be able to get it cheap – The Desert Fiddler by William H. Hamby
  5. Buy cheap ones and throw 'em away when they're worn out. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  6. Cheap books get 3 cm. – Practical Bookbinding by Paul Adam
  7. Altogether a remarkable shillingsworth, even in this day of cheap books. – Life of Charles Dickens by Frank Marzials
  8. He bought it pretty cheap didn't he, somewhere in the 'seventies? – The Rough Road by William John Locke
  9. Well, I shall consider him very mean if he doesn't let me have my sugar cheap in return for my kindness. – Fated to Be Free by Jean Ingelow
  10. The dog was cheap so I- I just bought him. – The Iron Trail by Rex Beach
  11. If you want to buy a good revolver, though, I'll sell one cheap and take my pay when we meet in Blacktown. – Down the Slope by James Otis
  12. Mind you, all this furniture can be bought very cheap – Peking Dust by Ellen N. La Motte
  13. Although Joel thought Lucky Boy had but a poor chance of beating a horse like Random, with a clever jockey in the saddle, he was not without hope that Smith would hold Jack Redland and his mount too cheap and perhaps throw the race away. – The Second String by Nat Gould
  14. But we cannot live on cheap railway tickets alone, whether single or return. – In the Border Country by W. S. (William Shillinglaw) Crockett
  15. " Cheap enough," Slade answered. – The Settling of the Sage by Hal G. Evarts
  16. It had two windows, a high ceiling, cheap furniture, and no couch and no carpet. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  17. " You'd better buy mine," he said quickly; " I'll sell it cheap – The Errand Boy by Horatio Alger
  18. I don't want one if they are as cheap as that. – A Romance in Transit by Francis Lynde
  19. And as the goods were going cheap too many questions would not be asked. – This Country Of Ours by H. E. Marshall Author: Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
  20. " It won't do no good to take us there after that cheap skate has geezled the boat," Jimmie cut in. – Boy Scouts in a Submarine by G. Harvey Ralphson

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