Definitions of spiller

  1. a long fishing line with many shorter lines and hooks attached to it ( usually suspended between buoys)
  2. an attacker who sheds or spills blood; " a great hunter and spiller of blood"
  3. One who, or that which, spills.
  4. A kind of fishing line with many hooks; a boulter.
  5. One who spills or sheds; a kind of fishing- line.
  6. One who spills a kind of fishing- line.

Usage examples for spiller

  1. In addition to the appearance of such indelible marks of crime, oftentimes the ghost of the spiller of blood, or of the murdered person, haunts the scene. – Strange Pages from Family Papers by T. F. Thiselton Dyer
  2. Now him and Huldy Spiller has done it. – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan
  3. When he got her message it would be with Huldah Spiller beside him to help him read it. – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan
  4. Halfway across she met Huldah Spiller coming up from the Far spring with a bucket of sulphur water which was held to be good for Jim Cal's rheumatism. – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan
  5. Among those who ministered to the great man's pleasures we must probably reckon Spelman, Speller, Spillman, Spiller, from Mid. – The Romance of Names by Ernest Weekley
  6. Among these, one of the most respectable was Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, whom we may almost regard as a professional spiller of blood, for he took care to turn his labours to a profitable account, by bleeding those on whose side he fought, as well as those he fought against. – The Comic History of Rome by Gilbert Abbott Becket
  7. The stranger stepped back with a word of apology, and I took note of him for a fellow- countryman, and a worldly buck of fashion indeed, almost as cap- a- pie the automobilist as my mysterious spiller of cider had been the pedestrian. – The Guest of Quesnay by Booth Tarkington
  8. Enter Lothair, as Spiller, 3rd dress, left hand, plate 7. Grindorf: Spiller, let my bride appear. – A Book About the Theater by Brander Matthews
  9. He was expecting to marry Huldah Spiller, Iley's younger sister, within a few months, and the reply was thus conventional. – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan
  10. I've got word that Huldy Spiller- or some say Huldy Bonbright- is over at Blatch's cabin, and he's got her shut up. – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan
  11. At the close of the Revolutionary War, Spiller sold his farm and returned to the United States. – The-Chignecto-Isthmus-and-its-first-settlers by Trueman, Howard
  12. Whar is Huldy Spiller? – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan
  13. Marryin' Huldy Spiller ain't no hangin' matter- but hit'll cost that boy his life ef you fuss with him and git him excited and all worked up. – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan
  14. " Cain't none of the boys kiss yo' gal," panted Huldah Spiller, pausing beside him. – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan
  15. Mrs. Hewson was successful in her trade venture, and in 1796 she and her son bought from Spiller Fillimore his farm on Jolicure Point, which has been known ever since as the Hewson farm. – The-Chignecto-Isthmus-and-its-first-settlers by Trueman, Howard
  16. This operation, first suggested by Spiller but chiefly popularised by Foerster, has yielded the best results in cases of Little's disease, in which there still remains a considerable amount of voluntary movement, and yet there is inability to walk on account of involuntary spasm. – Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition. by Alexander Miles Alexis Thomson