Quotes of shooting

  1. I went across the fields to avoid the straight highways, along the firing lines where people were shooting at a small wooded hill, which is now covered with wooden crosses and lines of graves instead of spring flowers. – Max Beckmann
  2. Shooting a television show can be very difficult and at times can really wear on you. If you keep reminding yourself that it is a job and you show up together as a team and as a whole, you can prevail. – David Boreanaz
  3. A week before shooting they told me, You don't have the part, yet. We're still trying to find a handicapped kid who can act. Either that or we break your legs. – Kieran Culkin
  4. I got a series with the WB next year. We start shooting in July. It's going to be called Safe Harbor, and it's an hour show. It's a Spelling show and will follow 7th Heaven. – Gregory Harrison
  5. To establish yourself as a leading man, you're shooting for the smallest point on the target, and you get a lot of judgment thrown at you. It takes a lot for them to get past everything and just watch your art and what you're doing. – Josh Holloway
  6. I was in Deadwood at the time and on hearing of the killing made my way at once to the scene of the shooting and found that my friend had been killed by McCall. – Calamity Jane
  7. No, I think I used to be pretty superstitious about certain things, but I'm really not anymore. As long as I have everything is in order and I have my things as far as the match goes, shooting I'm fine. But I really don't. – Nancy L. Johnson
  8. Think of me as the weathered sheriff coming back into Dodge 'cause the youngsters are shooting up the church and scaring the horses and not doing right by the women. – Frank Miller
  9. My memory of those places is better than my pictures. That's why I get much more satisfaction out of shooting thematic work that has to do with an idea that I'm searching for, or searching to express. – Leonard Nimoy
  10. I never dreamed that shooting a film would be so hard. There was less regulation then of child actors' hours. Even the concept of acting confused me. – Tatum O'Neal
  11. Oh, absolutely, it felt more serious than your typical job. One of the things that got us through how difficult the shooting actually was was that we are telling a real story. – John C. Reilly
  12. I've always believed the greater danger is not aiming too high, but too low, settling for a bogey rather than shooting for an eagle. – Peter Scott
  13. I'll need every ounce that I have to drive it through. Film and TV require that energy. Sometimes fight scenes can be pretty intense. When I was shooting "Heaven" it was truly guerrilla film -making. – Karl Urban
  14. Using the right of veto would be shooting the Americans in the back. – Dominique de Villepin

Usage examples for shooting

  1. With prices shooting up in this market, what is to become of our picture post- cards? – Love Conquers All by Robert C. Benchley
  2. The radial edges of the segments are trimmed on what is termed a shooting board, which is a device such as shown in Fig. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  3. Oh, how they keep on shooting – A Dash from Diamond City by George Manville Fenn
  4. Now, you stay here, and if you hear any shooting run for the boat. – Frank on the Lower Mississippi by Harry Castlemon
  5. " I don't want any shooting here. – Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up Bar-20 by Clarence Edward Mulford
  6. There was a lot of noise, but no shooting – Four-Day Planet by Henry Beam Piper
  7. They wouldn't dare to begin shooting would they? – The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop by Hamlin Garland
  8. It was evidently the theory of the prosecution that the prisoner, after shooting Sir Horace, had fled. – The Hampstead Mystery by John R. Watson
  9. He stood in front of her on the lonely road; and it was as though his grey eyes flashed lightning, shooting blue spark after blue spark of rage and pain. – Dr. Adriaan by Louis Couperus
  10. I see, he says, that you have got out the Shooting Book under the title of 'The Dead Shot. – The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies by Walter Besant
  11. The woman who did the shooting I wondered whether she really loved Kootanie George most . – Wolf Breed by Jackson Gregory
  12. I am afraid he will get into some shooting affair. – Whispering Smith by Frank H. Spearman
  13. This saved me from shooting any. – Wanderings Among South Sea Savages And in Borneo and the Philippines by H. Wilfrid Walker
  14. " That will not prevent me from shooting you dead unless you speak the truth. – Stingaree by E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung
  15. The morning was hot, but not too hot, with just a pleasant breeze stirring in the bush, and I rather desired to go on the shooting expedition. – The Moving Finger A Trotting Christmas Eve at Warwingie Lost! The Loss of the "Vanity" Dick Stanesby's Hutkeeper The Yanyilla Steeplechase A Digger's Christmas by Mary Gaunt
  16. It was our shooting most likely. – Starr, of the Desert by B. M Bower
  17. All at once, I heard a cry like that which Kees used to make when I returned from my shooting and had not taken him with me. – Illustrative Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom by Samuel Griswold Goodrich
  18. Keep under cover and wait until you can see something worth shooting at. – The Year When Stardust Fell by Raymond F. Jones
  19. And did you have your day's shooting – Sisters by Ada Cambridge
  20. Then he and Jimmy began shooting – Bobby of the Labrador by Dillon Wallace