Usage examples for frey

  1. So we seized Frey Bartolomeo, who now bitterly reproached himself for not having blown up the ship before we reached him, and conducted him to the upper deck, from whence he and Captain Nunez were presently conveyed to the Golden Hinde, where they were safely stowed in irons. – In the Days of Drake by J. S. Fletcher
  2. The hog of propitiation offered to Frey was a solemn sacrifice in the North of Europe and in Sweden, down to modern times, the custom has been preserved by baking, on Christmas Eve, a loaf or cake in the form of a hog. – The Eleusinian Mysteries and Rites by Dudley Wright
  3. Francesca's conviction that things had gone wrong between Comus and Elaine de Frey grew in strength as the day wore on. – The Unbearable Bassington by Saki
  4. A Crevice, first a Spron Frey then a Shrimp, then a Sprawn, and when it is large, then called a Crevice. – Early English Meals and Manners by Various
  5. Yea, I should certainly have gone mad at that time if it had not been for my faithful companion, Pharaoh Nanjulian, who did his best to cheer and support me, and got no reward for it but an increase of blows and stripes from Nunez, and venomous curses from Frey Bartolomeo. – In the Days of Drake by J. S. Fletcher