Usage examples for son

  1. The son of the lord. – Cæsar or Nothing by Pío Baroja Baroja
  2. Look, then, upon the face of your son. – The Genius by Margaret Horton Potter
  3. For all of us, son! – Ted and the Telephone by Sara Ware Bassett
  4. It was your son: but now he is the nation's. – The American Union Speaker by John D. Philbrick
  5. If he had not gone down there, your son would not be living." – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon
  6. Then he turned to the old chief and his son. – Sanders of the River by Edgar Wallace
  7. Think of the son, Father, only think of the son! – A Spinner in the Sun by Myrtle Reed
  8. " You see they are given by your son," said he. – The Iron Furrow by George C. Shedd
  9. Come with me, my son. – Sinister Paradise by Robert Moore Williams