Definitions of fella

  1. a boy or man; " that chap is your host"; " there's a fellow at the door"; " he's a likable cuss"

Quotes of fella

  1. I looked it at like this way. To get folks to like you, as a screen player I mean, I figured you had to sort of be their ideal. I don't mean a handsome knight riding a white horse, but a fella who answered the description of a right guy. – Gary Cooper
  2. I've always been a fella who put most of my eggs in one basket and then take a dump in the basket but I really don't know. – Robert Downey, Jr.
  3. I ain't afraid to tell the world that it didn't take school stuff to help a fella play ball. – Shoeless Joe Jackson
  4. If you had a face like mine, you'd punch me right on the nose, and I'm just the fella to do it. – Stan Laurel
  5. I came in here and a fella asked me to have a drink. I said I don't drink. Then another fella said hear you and Joe DiMaggio aren't speaking and I said I'll take that drink. – Casey Stengel

Usage examples for fella

  1. " Mick good fella said the native simply. – In the Musgrave Ranges by Jim Bushman
  2. Big fella man give it knife to me. – Gold Out of Celebes by Aylward Edward Dingle
  3. " That's the only fella that kin stop me," he told himself. – The Ridin' Kid from Powder River by Henry Herbert Knibbs
  4. Little more hard fella – The Confessions of a Beachcomber by E J Banfield
  5. " Me see um track other black fella he said. – In the Musgrave Ranges by Jim Bushman

Rhymes for fella

  • bela, bella, cela, cella, dela, della, ela, ella, fela, lelah, leola, mella, nela, nella, pella, rella, sela, sella, stella, tele, vela, vella;
  • abdella, abella, adela, agnella, arbella, ardella, brunella, candela, capella, cappella, carmela, corella, cornela, danella, daniela, daniella, donella, estella, estrella, favela, fenella, finella, flagella, fredella, gazella, gisella, janella, labella, loella, louella, luella, madella, mandela, marbella, marcela, marcella, marella, marsella, martella, marvella, michaela, michaella, mirella, morella, novella, odella, orela, pamella, parella, parnella, patella, pernella, prunella, rochella, romella, rosella, rotella, rozella, rubella, sabella, sadella, samella, umbrella, viyella;
  • annabella, arabella, ariella, cinderella, citronella, fiorella, gabriela, gabriella, isabella, mirabella, petronella, salmonella, samuela;