Usage examples for ESS

  1. I rushed into explanations, sure that when Mrs. Ess Kay understood, I should be pronounced " not guilty." – Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water by Lowell, Orson
  2. She was probably right,- anyhow, so far as Mrs. Ess Kay is concerned: as for Sally Woodburn, I don't think she has a drop of snobbish blood in her veins. – Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water by Lowell, Orson
  3. You made a fool of yourself over him, Ess! – The Lady Doc by Caroline Lockhart
  4. How did Mrs. Ess- I mean, Mrs. Stuyvesant- Knox happen to ask for a visit from me? – Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water by Lowell, Orson
  5. Who that has ever chanced to be there in a pelting rain but will remember its innumerable little waterfalls, and the great falls of Ess- na- Crubh and Ess- na- Craoibhe? – Penelope's Irish Experiences by Kate Douglas Wiggin
  6. But I had rather you did not mention it to the Inca- ess. – The Inca of Perusalem by George Bernard Shaw
  7. " Dere ess no use to holler. – The Lost Despatch by Natalie Sumner Lincoln
  8. 3. The words shepherdess, huntress, and hostess are faulty; the radical part of the word being Germanic, and the secondary part classical: indeed, in strict English grammar, the termination - ess has no place at all. – The English Language by Robert Gordon Latham
  9. She turned upon her fiercely- " Look here, Ess, if you want to be friends with me, and have my influence to get you out of this mess, you'd better change your tactics." – The Lady Doc by Caroline Lockhart
  10. I can't talk it over even with Sally, because, after all, she's Mrs. Ess Kay's cousin. – Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water by Lowell, Orson
  11. The price of the loaf,- concerning which the baker, or the baker- ess, politely tells the customer that it is costly, because of the Government tax on corn; then from the bread, it is marvellous how the little clue winds upward through the spider- webs of Trade. – Temporal Power by Marie Corelli
  12. Ess I can now. – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie
  13. Poet, Poetess The tendency to increase the number of nouns with the feminine ending ess should be checked. – Slips of Speech by John H. Bechtel
  14. Ess, had tea an hour ago or more. – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie
  15. Oh, how delighted mother and Ess will be! – The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb
  16. To read only the black ones: round o and crooked ess. – Ulysses by James Joyce
  17. As if that weren't the only reason why Mother smiled on Mrs. Ess Kay in the beginning. – Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water by Lowell, Orson
  18. I should like to see an unsophisticated millionaire- ess! – That Fortune by Charles Dudley Warner Last Updated: February 22, 2009