Usage examples for earless

  1. The long craning neck, with an almost earless head and gibbous profile; the great straggling limbs, callous at the knees, and ending in broad, wide- splitting hoofs; the slender hindquarters, and tiny tufted tail, both ludicrously disproportioned, the tumid, misshapen trunk; but, above all, the huge hunch rising above the shoulders, at once proclaimed the creature to be a dromedary. – The Boy Slaves by Mayne Reid
  2. The only other quadrupeds seen here were some small earless rats, and musk- deer; the young female of which latter sometimes afforded me a dish of excellent venison; being, though dark- coloured and lean, tender, sweet, and short- fibred. – Himalayan Journals V2. by J. D. Hooker
  3. So was it ordered, so Hung all things silent, still; Only Time earless moved on, stepping slow Up the scarped hill, And even Time in a long twilight stayed And, for a whim, that whispered whim obeyed. – Poems New and Old by John Freeman
  4. Whether the whistling rustic tend his plough Within thy hearing, or thy head be now Pillow'd in some deep dungeon's earless den:- O miserable Chieftain! – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau
  5. Now he has an earless cat to go with the dog. – Tabitha at Ivy Hall by Ruth Alberta Brown
  6. And there is no doubt that one of these is as much above an earless seal as fifty years of Europe are better than a cycle of Cathay. – Concerning Animals and Other Matters by E.H. Aitken, (AKA Edward Hamilton)
  7. " I am proud to see you under my poor roof; and such hospitality as I can show-" " Henry Holtspur need not declare these sentiments to William Prynne," said the earless Puritan, interrupting the complimentary speech. – The White Gauntlet by Mayne Reid
  8. Even an earless owner of fingers enough to count on may by their help convince himself of the difference in metre here. – A Study of Shakespeare by Algernon Charles Swinburne
  9. " Flee from him," pearl- pale Niam weeping cried, " For all men flee the demons"; but moved not My angry, king remembering soul one jot; There was no mightier soul of Heber's line; Now it is old and mouse- like: for a sign I burst the chain: still earless, nerveless, blind, Wrapped in the things of the unhuman mind, In some dim memory or ancient mood Still earless, nerveless, blind, the eagles stood. – Poems by W. B. Yeats
  10. Destiny had ordained that he should spend his life in golf and gardening, or in breeding earless rabbits and stingless bees. – Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert Jenkins
  11. It is incorrect, however, to say with Pope that " Earless on high stood unabashed Defoe." – Daniel Defoe by William Minto
  12. " One must be earless, stone- deaf, or have ears that hear not, to remain callous to the sobs, the sighs and the wailing of women, the heart- rending cries of the children, the death- rattle of strangled men, the cracking of the assassins' rifles, the only music that has filled the air of Russia for the last eighteen months!... – The Red Conspiracy by Joseph J. Mereto