Definitions of dung

  1. To manure with dung.
  2. To immerse or steep, as calico, in a bath of hot water containing cow dung; - done to remove the superfluous mordant.
  3. To manure, as with dung.
  4. fertilize or dress with dung; " you must dung the land"
  5. defecate, used of an animal
  6. fecal matter of animals
  7. defecate; used of animals
  8. The excrement of an animal.
  9. The waste material cast off through the bowels of animals; anything filthy or rotten.
  10. The excrement of animals: refuse litter mixed with excrement.
  11. Excrement of animals; manure.
  12. Animal excrement.
  13. The excrement of animals.
  14. DUNGY.