Usage examples for concept

  1. The concept of " house" is what all houses have in common. – Logic, Inductive and Deductive by William Minto
  2. He it was who, if narrowing the concept of liberty, had broadened the significance of equality by the very lesson of his own rise to power and had deepened the meaning of fraternity by lavishing affection and devotion upon that machine of democracy- the national army- the " nation in arms." – A Political and Social History of Modern Europe V.1. by Carlton J. H. Hayes
  3. He aimed to compensate the world by presenting a concept of beauty in place of a general notion of repellent ugliness. – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller
  4. But in order to understand habit in any thorough and complete way we must, as suggested by the preceding paragraph, broaden our concept to include every possible line of physical and mental activity. – The Mind and Its Education by George Herbert Betts
  5. The concept of explanation, indeed, is valid only within the realm of causes and effects. – The Psychology of Beauty by Ethel D. Puffer
  6. If it is, we must somehow include in our concept of Beauty the element of expression, by showing how it serves the infinite complex. – The Psychology of Beauty by Ethel D. Puffer
  7. William was now twenty- one years of age, but by the provisions of the Concept of Harmony his name was not to be proposed as captain- general until he had reached the age of twenty- two. – History of Holland by George Edmundson
  8. What is the use of preaching social service to the almost total neglect of setting forth the intellectual and emotional concept of the servant? – Preaching and Paganism by Albert Parker Fitch
  9. The act of teaching has a twofold object: for teaching is by speaking, and speaking is the audible sign of an interior mental concept. – On Prayer and The Contemplative Life by St. Thomas Aquinas
  10. While his predecessors made the impression of the beautiful to depend upon objective attributes of form, proportion, harmony, completeness and the like, he insisted that the essence of beauty was to please without reference to any such intellectual concept whatever. – The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller by Calvin Thomas
  11. We were just starting to play around with the concept before I left. – Undo-a-Novel-By-Joe-Hutsko by Hutsko, Joe
  12. The concept is the result of comparing attributes. – Deductive Logic by St. George Stock
  13. Suppose we have the concept man and the concept animal, and that we think of these two concepts in their relation to each other. – The Mind and Its Education by George Herbert Betts
  14. I have never been able to find in history or experience anything to fit this concept. – What Social Classes Owe to Each Other by William Graham Sumner
  15. But the acknowledgment of these as cosmic realities is something more than a concept. – An Interpretation of Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy by W. Tudor Jones
  16. He must compare this new specimen with his concept dog, and decide that this is or is not a dog. – The Mind and Its Education by George Herbert Betts