Usage examples for Bleaching

  1. Not fair as so many North- country children are, with locks of differing, but equally brilliant, shades of gold, auburn, red, and bronze; but white- headed, and often white- faced, with white- lashed inexpressive eyes, as if they had been bleaching through several generations. – Jan of the Windmill by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  2. Knives, and forks, and spoons they fashioned out of the larger bones of the deer, which they often found bleaching in the sun and wind, where they had been left by their enemies the wolves; baskets too they made, and birch dishes, which they could now finish so well that they held water or any liquid. – Lost in the Backwoods by Catherine Parr Traill
  3. Those breakfast cloths of pink, or yellow, or light- blue and white, or drab, are very pretty with napkins to match; but after having been washed a few times they become very dull in tint, and are not as agreeable to the eye as white, which grows whiter with every summer's bleaching. – Manners and Social Usages by Mrs. John M. E. W. Sherwood
  4. If the rest is like the first of it, I think you may find my bones bleaching beside some portage where I have given up the ghost. – The Maid of the Whispering Hills by Vingie E. Roe
  5. So, poor little things, I suppose you must stay in your heated nurseries, bleaching like potato sprouts in a dark cellar, till Molly or Betty think best to let you out. – Little Ferns For Fanny's Little Friends by Fanny Fern
  6. 151. Cl from Bleaching- Powder. – An Introduction to Chemical Science by R.P. Williams
  7. Surely it is the linen which these girls are bleaching. – The Slaves of the Padishah by Mór Jókai
  8. The land was green and rich, the industrial life imposed upon it till yesterday had vanished, leaving behind it the bleaching skeleton of its being. – Greener Than You Think by Ward Moore
  9. The strand was wide, forsaken by the sea, forlorn with rocks bleaching in the sun, and sand and seaweed breathing off their painful scent upon the heat. – The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence
  10. There are systems of dyeing and bleaching yarns in cop, roll or beam form, but these are not employed much in the jute industry. – The Jute Industry: From Seed to Finished Cloth by T. Woodhouse and P. Kilgour
  11. The stream had disappeared, some bleaching bones told of the poor ducks' fate. – More Tales in the Land of Nursery Rhyme by Ada M. Marzials
  12. This city can show its weaving, spinning, bleaching, and dyeing works- all which have tended to raise Glasgow from the small town of Watt's time to the proud position it now holds of being the first commercial city of Scotland. – Lectures on Popular and Scientific Subjects by John Sutherland Sinclair, Earl of Caithness
  13. One day, when Hilda was bleaching the linen on a patch of grass near the brook, her step- mother called out, Hilda, the red cow has strayed away, and I hear her bell over by the old stone quarry. – The Old-Fashioned Fairy Book by Constance Cary Harrison
  14. Again the roadway down the hill lay like a web of fine linen, bleaching upon an emerald meadow. – The Red Acorn by John McElroy
  15. In one case the human " lot" offered for sale was a " prygman"- he had, like Autolycus, stolen the bleaching linen from the grass and hedges. – Stage-coach and Tavern Days by Alice Morse Earle
  16. The important element in bleaching- powder is the chlorine which it contains. – Electricity and Magnetism Nature's Miracles, Vol. III. by Elisha Gray
  17. But as the traveller approached he saw, with a thrill, that these were no stones, but the bleaching bones of a slaughtered army. – The Green Flag by Arthur Conan Doyle
  18. Here at last he was face to face with the mighty Sphinx, and with the bleaching bones of those who had tried to guess her riddle. – The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton