Quotes of bland

  1. A lot of the television industry is so cookie -cutter. In general, there are so many shows that are easy and bland to watch. You can tune in at any time and know exactly where you are in the story arc because it's pretty much the same every week. – Adam Baldwin
  2. But, in the end, even a song that's as politically bland as Blowin in the Wind, you probably wouldn't get up and sing that now, whereas some of Bob Dylan's love songs that were contemporary with that, like say Girl from the North Country, you can still get up an play now. – Billy Bragg
  3. As long as you do the best work that you can and not make it bland because you're going down a lane that is trying to make everybody happy. You have to take an angle on these things. – Gerard Butler
  4. I find it rather easy to portray a businessman. Being bland rather cruel and incompetent comes naturally to me. – John Cleese
  5. A bland smile is like a green light at an intersection, it feels good when you get one, but you forget it the moment you're past it. – Doug Coupland
  6. You know, nobody eats in England. Three or four pints of English beer a night fills you. I can't say I'm very impressed with the food in America. it's all sort of bland Like turkey sandwiches. – Anne Dudley
  7. What irritates me is the bland way people go around saying, 'Oh, our attitude has changed. We don't dislike these people any more.' But by the strangest coincidence, they haven't taken away the injustice; the laws are still on the books. – Christopher Isherwood
  8. I tested a lot of old cornbread recipes and most of them were bland or tough. – Jeremy Jackson
  9. The older ideas are rendering more and more bland music. – Tom Jenkinson
  10. After every movie, I always kick myself for the same things -didn't do enough, not enough variation, not enough interesting choices, too bland – Robin Wright Penn
  11. For a couple of days after chemotherapy, food tastes really bland even the best foods. I haven't been sick, but have been a little tired. I haven't lost any weight. – Grete Waitz

Usage examples for bland

  1. Bland has worked all his life in the woods. – The Centralia Conspiracy by Ralph Chaplin
  2. The morning had, by this time, fairly opened with every appearance of another of those fine bland autumnal days for which the climate is, or ought to be, so distinguished. – The Red Rover by James Fenimore Cooper
  3. The bland stillness of this world was grateful to him, after long inner storm. – Foes by Mary Johnston
  4. " I have, I think- nay, I boldly say- led your mind in its studies, and guided your reading," continued Montaigne in the same low, bland voice, every tone of which was musical, deep, and sweet. – A Double Knot by George Manville Fenn
  5. He looked at Mrs. Admaston with a bland smile. – A Butterfly on the Wheel by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull
  6. It was not a bland or pretty face. – The Man Who Staked the Stars by Charles Dye
  7. The other's face grew very bland – A Prairie Infanta by Eva Wilder Brodhead
  8. Mr. Lewis received him with a total lack of the bland dignity Hollister remembered. – The Hidden Places by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  9. Bland you come back here! – The Thunder Bird by B. M. Bower
  10. He looked as bland and innocent and harmless as the sunlight on his own flagstones- until he gazed up at me, and then I was as usual disconcerted by the blank, veiled, unwinking stare of his eyes. – The Killer by Stewart Edward White
  11. She gave everybody a bland smile. – Out Like a Light by Gordon Randall Garrett
  12. No one is more swift to smell trickery than a Samoan; and the thought, that, under the long, bland benevolent sentences of the Berlin Act, some trickery lay lurking, filled him with the breath of opposition. – The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 17 (of 25) by Robert Louis Stevenson Other: Andrew Lang
  13. In the evening came Mr. Bland the merchant to me, who has lived long in Spain, and is concerned in the business of Tangier, who did discourse with me largely of it, and after he was gone did send me three or four printed things that he hath wrote of trade in general and of Tangier particularly, but I do not find much in them. – Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright by Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke
  14. And yet I can't make Bland seem anything more than simply a voice with a slightly English accent." – The Hidden Places by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  15. March 29. Murad arrived, murderously bland and assiduous in his solicitude for my health and comfort. – The Dark Star by Robert W. Chambers
  16. The reason lies in that bland unalterable resolve to shirk honest work, by which you recognise the artist as surely as you recognise the leopard by his spots. – A Christmas Garland by Max Beerbohm
  17. " And there are more, of kindred mind;"- When, with a face more bland and kind, The Sage, in soften'd tone, replied: " 'Twas Error made to me the den More grateful than the haunts of men; Henceforth mankind shall be my pride." – Poems by Sir John Carr
  18. " Be comforted," said the General, in his usual bland voice, for the scene had begun to weary him. – Mabel's Mistake by Ann S. Stephens
  19. At the sight of this man, resentment overcame every other consideration, and I advanced towards him fully prepared to indulge my feelings, when he, with his usual smile, expressed in bland words his deep regret at having been the cause of my long detention in this retreat. – Life in the Grey Nunnery at Montreal by Sarah J Richardson
  20. From the rug in front of the fireplace he surveyed the group with a bland curiosity. – The Abandoned Room by Wadsworth Camp