Quotes of BIO

  1. In the book, America had already been weakened by bio terror plagues before waves of selfish violence took down the rest. But the real enemy was the kind of male human being who nurses fantasies of violent glory at the expense of his fellow citizens. – David Brin
  2. If the Bush Administration cannot ensure Americans that they will be safe from the flu, how will they protect our country against a possible bio -terror or chemical attack? The American people deserve better. – Jon Corzine
  3. What has been happening more lately- of course, I also put in my bio I say I do the voice of Goliath, but some people go- you know, I say something, and it's a funny thing when you work in this business, people will talk out loud in front of you like you're not there. – Keith David
  4. Americans in all places and levels of government have begun to consider the areas where we need to prepare ourselves from future threats, including the latest weapon: bio -terror. – Paul Gillmor
  5. The same parts of my brain get as excited as when I study bio or read a novel and write a paper on it. – Utada Hikaru
  6. Like I said on my bio on my webpage, I was born at an early age, I was close to my mother. – Peter Jurasik
  7. If we can produce more ethanol and bio -diesel to help fuel our vehicles, we will create jobs, boost local economies and produce cleaner burning fuels. This will keep dollars here at home where they can have a positive impact on our economy. – Rick Renzi
  8. By increasing the use of renewable fuels such as ethanol and bio -diesel, and providing the Department of Energy with a budget to create more energy efficiency options, agriculture can be the backbone of our energy supply as well. – John Salazar
  9. The Bio -diversity Convention has not yielded any tangible benefits to the world's poor. – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Usage examples for BIO

  1. The best guesses were that what Telzey had found playing around in the woods five years ago was either a bio structural experiment which had got away from a private laboratory on Orado, or some spaceman's lost pet, brought to the capital planet from one of the remote colonies beyond the Hub. – Novice by James H. Schmitz
  2. Another day, on getting into my train at the Flats, I missed a volume of popular science- I think it was on some recent discoveries in bio chemistry- which I had carried with me to read on the way. – Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton
  3. But they'd concentrated so on the inorganic sciences, and so far neglected the bio sciences, that when they launched their first ship for Venus they hadn't yet developed a germ theory of disease. – Time Crime by H. Beam Piper
  4. Bio was on his feet instantly. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  5. Bio the peon pilot, lingered behind. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  6. When the footsteps of the others had died away and the night was quiet, Bio started slowly down the jungle path. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  7. We must work together to strengthen the farm safety net, invest in land conservation, and create new markets by expanding our program for bio based fuels and products. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  8. Bio went directly to one of the rocks and stood upon it looking upward at the stars. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  9. I am convinced that ideas will affect and stir them, in complete defiance of the bio chemist, who tells me that they act that way because of certain chemicals in their brain cells, and that I write my book because of other chemicals, and that my idea that I am writing the book because I want to write it is a delusion, and that the whole thing is happening just so because the universe was wound up that way. – The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society by Upton Sinclair
  10. The bio win' an' drinkin' was done by his pals. – The Rustlers of Pecos County by Zane Grey
  11. My philosophy urges that we take a more vigorous action, that we overthrow some of the bio social institutions which have imprisoned Man and stripped him of his dignity as an individual. – Rastignac the Devil by Philip José Farmer
  12. It occurred to me that bio vibratory sympathism had a thinning effect. – My Little Sister by Elizabeth Robins
  13. I imprinted on her, like the baby ducks in Bio – Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow
  14. Bio lost no time. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  15. Soon, were the operation successful, that head would hold the brain of Professor Edgar Estapp, world- famous chemist and bio chemist. – The Passing of Ku Sui by Anthony Gilmore
  16. And Bio knew there was no hope of escape. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  17. Bio did not answer. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss

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