Usage examples for belle

  1. And Belle- The dear girl nearly broke down. – The Paternoster Ruby by Charles Edmonds Walk
  2. He did not have much of the dangerous country to hunt in because the Belle did not go far enough up the river; but the hunters on the fur company's boats went through the worst of it. – Bring Me His Ears by Clarence E. Mulford
  3. " Do you know, Mrs. Martin," she asked, " how long your Henry has been courtin' my Anna Belle?" – Clover and Blue Grass by Eliza Calvert Hall
  4. Where did you drop from, Belle? – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  5. But Belle's not like me; I don't believe she'd let poor Mr. Worthington talk in the house if he wanted to. – At Fault by Kate Chopin
  6. Suddenly one of Gertrude's acquaintances touched her elbow, and said, " Come, Miss Gertrude, do gratify our curiosity and tell us about this Kentucky belle. – Tempest and Sunshine by Mary J. Holmes
  7. He turned northward, sailed through the strait of Belle Isle, and came home again, having accomplished his task in three months. – Christopher Columbus, Volume 6 And The New World Of His Discovery, A Narrative by Filson Young
  8. The wounded were rushed into Front Royal and Belle found herself the matron of the large hospital. – Legends of the Skyline Drive and the Great Valley of Virginia by Carrie Hunter Willis Etta Belle Walker
  9. " She's got handsome eyes," answered Belle. – The Lamplighter by Maria S. Cummins
  10. She found that Carrington had heard of Belle Plain. – The Prodigal Judge by Vaughan Kester
  11. " I'll stay," Belle declared. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith
  12. " It had to be, Belle," he answered with a smile. – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  13. Mr. Lacey senior was also rather anxious that his son should marry Mabel; so Julia was not far out of the way when she wrote to Fanny that Dr. Lacey's parents wished to secure a match between him and a New Orleans belle. – Tempest and Sunshine by Mary J. Holmes
  14. It was his proclivities in this line that brought on the first clash with Mrs. Lawrence, for in a difference between the lady of the house and the belle of the kitchen, which was, as usual, none of his affair, Elmendorf took sides with the cook. – A Tame Surrender, A Story of The Chicago Strike by Charles King
  15. He is the beau of the occasion, and she is the belle." – From Jest to Earnest by E. P. Roe
  16. So it was with the people on the Mariposa Belle. – Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town by Stephen Leacock
  17. Why, Belle, why didn't you speak of it? – The Lamplighter by Maria S. Cummins
  18. She had many admirers; " the beautiful Miss Earle" was the belle of the season. – Dora Thorne by Charlotte M. Braeme