Quotes of babbling

  1. Usually I play people who just keep babbling on and on and on. – John Cusack
  2. It's been my policy to view the Internet not as an 'information highway,' but as an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies. – Mike Royko
  3. Never believe that true prayer consists in mere babbling reciting so many psalms and vigils, saying your beads while you allow your thoughts to roam. – Johannes Tauler

Usage examples for babbling

  1. They had not walked far when they heard the babbling of the brook only a few feet away. – Tales From Two Hemispheres by Hjalmar Hjorth Boysen
  2. So much, Rhoda had gathered from her uncle's babbling interjections throughout the day. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. The gentleman goes among the surging and babbling guests, makes inquiries, and returns with a perplexed look. – The Dynasts An Epic-Drama Of The War With Napoleon, In Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, And One Hundred And Thirty Scenes by Thomas Hardy
  4. From thence proceeded a confused sea- full of Horas Canonicas, the howling and babbling in cells and monasteries, where they read and sang the psalms and collects without all spiritual devotion, insomuch that they neither understood the words, sentences, nor the meaning. – Selections from the Table Talk of Martin Luther by Martin Luther
  5. All listened, so that the brook, half a mile behind, made its babbling heard, but there was not a breath of music. – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau
  6. The philosopher will, above all things, abstain from babbling – Hypatia or, New Foes with an Old Face by Charles Kingsley
  7. All the range of earth's shows, from the grandeurs of sunrise or thunderstorm down to the soft unfolding of a daisy or the babbling birth of a spring, was to him an open book. – Malcolm by George MacDonald
  8. And in the midst of the awed and hushed excitement that was growing with each passing moment, there cut the voice of McElroy, babbling from the blanket. – The Maid of the Whispering Hills by Vingie E. Roe
  9. He was not conscious; he had even ceased babbling I was afraid that he could not live for more than a few hours at the most. – Jim Davis by John Masefield
  10. But the rising flood could make no " silence in the hills;" for the Pamet, as I saw it, is far too sedate a stream ever to be caught " babbling – The Foot-path Way by Bradford Torrey
  11. Oftentimes upon these occasions as he looked at the thin, lean face babbling and talking so aimlessly, he wondered what it all meant. – Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates by Howard I. Pyle
  12. Of that descent she retained chiefly a memory of the stream and its voices, now low and urgent, now babbling and chuckling in her ear. – Where the Pavement Ends by John Russell
  13. Down below I hear the river babbling to the breeze, And I see the sunlight kiss the tresses of the trees. – Silhouettes by Arthur Symons
  14. And along came Scotty, half dead and babbling about you. – The Wailing Octopus by Harold Leland Goodwin
  15. There rose in the squatter's heart a vast respect for Myra Longman, who had taken her child from the beginning of its tiny life, and defied the babbling tongues of the settlement gossips. – Tess of the Storm Country by Grace Miller White
  16. She had never been outside the Witch's cottage since the day she came, but she had often thought of the village street as she had seen it last- cool and green and shady, with the babbling stream and chattering ducks at the foot of the hill. – More Tales in the Land of Nursery Rhyme by Ada M. Marzials
  17. When Jacques stepped from the tunnel and strode toward the platform, an abrupt hush choked off the babbling and laughter in the stands. – The Executioner by Frank Riley
  18. Just at present, Arethusa was busily engaged in committing to memory " The Babbling Brook." – The Heart of Arethusa by Francis Barton Fox
  19. His babbling protest died cold on his lips. – Where the Pavement Ends by John Russell
  20. I was tired of the sullen indifference of the ocean and the babbling egotism of the river, always hurrying along on its own private business. – A Mortal Antipathy by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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