Usage examples for jabbering

  1. The servant who was entirely out of my sight began talking hurriedly jabbering any nonsense as though to cover what had happened – The House by the Lock by C. N. Williamson
  2. They began jabbering away to us but of course we could not understand a word they said – In the Wilds of Africa by W.H.G. Kingston
  3. “ Nixy on that jabbering – Tom Swift and his Air Glider or, Seeking the Platinum Treasure by Victor Appleton
  4. Their respective friends assembled in two jabbering crowds and the whole party uttering vociferous objurgations marched off as I imagined to the watch house – Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Vol III. by John Symonds
  5. In the headquarters of the Restaurant Workers we found a crowd jabbering in a dozen languages about their troubles we learned that there were eight in jail and several in the hospital one not expected to live – They Call Me Carpenter by Upton Sinclair